Report of FL State PO3B by Bob Smith.

Bob Smith Speaks: State mixed tournament was held Monday Oct 16-17 at Lee County Shuffleboard Club in the Southern District.  A few of the state’s best players ended up in the same bracket, so some had to go home early.

In first place main, no stranger to shufflers, Colleen Austin can not only edit our Preview and perform numerous computer duties, but she is also competitive on the courts. Colleen teamed up with Pete Sikoski who is well known in the winners circle.

First place in consolation went to third year pro, Deb Norton, and husband Jack who got his final pro point at  Avon Park this season.  Together they are going to be a strong team going forward.

Although we had 5 Hall of Famers in the finals, the Southern District did extremely well with 5 players in the main and 6 players in consolation.

The results:

1st main        Colleen Austin – Pete Sikoski                 1st con      Deb Norton – Jack Norton
2nd main       Ken Offenther – Marietta Cobb             2nd con    Cecille Messier – Joe Messier
3rd main        Jim Miller – Nancy Sclafani                   3rd con    Joyce and – Mike Marquis
4th main        Dianna Allen – Jerry Holbrook             4th con     Tom Mason – Joyce Radcliff

Sent by Bob Smith With THANKS, Southern District President. 2017 10 17 

Deb & Jack Norton, 1st Cons.

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4 Responses to Report of FL State PO3B by Bob Smith.

  1. Gus Bondi says:

    Please put the number of teams next time


    Sent from my iPad


  2. Dave Kudro says:

    Great article Bob! Thanks for sharing your Districts tournament with interesting tidbits and especially pictures of the winners. P04A is next Monday and look forward to see another good write up.
    Dave Kudro FSA President


  3. Earl Ball says:

    Nice Job Bob and welcome aboard.


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