Ray Razor Wins his 100th Distict Tournament!!

Bob Smith Speaks: What a pleasure it was to be at the courts to witness one of the true greats of the game win this tournament for his 100th main event win. Congratulations Mr. Ray Razor on this accomplishment.  Teaming up with J.J. Jubin in this draw tournament.  JJ playing in only his 2nd tournament placing 2nd in consolation of a state tournament and in his next winning the tournament with Ray.  Coming in 1st in consolation was Rich Heinrichs and Marge  Klochack.  Pictures below.

I give you all the results: (64 players)
1st main Ray Razor – JJ Jubin
2nd main Ron Reese – Tom Maloney
3rd main Tom Mason – Jim McDonald
4th main Allie Enos – Regina Davis

1st con Rich Heinrichs – Marge Klochack
2nd con Bob Smith – Clarence Bry
3rd con Dianna Allen – John Klinger
4th con Susie Gawinski – Ed Litchfield


Send in by Bob Smith. 2017 10 20

Rich Heinrichs – Marge Klochack. 1st Cons.  

Ray Razor & JJ Jubin. 1st Main

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2 Responses to Ray Razor Wins his 100th Distict Tournament!!

  1. Myrna Bilton says:

    Congratulations Ray
    Myrna & Rendall


  2. JJ Jubin says:

    Congratulations Ray, It was an honor to be your partner in your 100th District Tournament win.


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