Northern District Gives Us Their Weekly Update > Plus Results

Al Dronsfield Speaks: This week took our District Tournament to New Smyrna Beach and the Coronado/Mainland facility. Very unique venue and it has been made a Historical site as well. The courts are set right on Flagler Ave. about three blocks off the beach. All the beach goers whether on foot or vehicle run right past the courts, lots of great food smells in the air also. Smooth and loose beaded courts; the wind does effect those beads.
They had 22 Teams in an Any Dbls. tournament.  Richie Burrell was the Director. Due to my limited District schedule I didn’t attend this one and have no pictures for you.

Main Event

1st. Dennis Buelk – Tom Rimmer – C/M
2nd. Dave Martin – Vern Ivey – Tavares/Inverness
3rd. Randy Radke – Bonnie Radke – C/M
4th. John Giumarra – Christine Giumarra – Deland

Consolation Event

1st. Darrel Harman – Rex Galusha – C/M
2nd. Walt Bartels – Stan Williamson – Deland/Quail Hollow
3rd. Doris Hanke – Sharon Upson – Hawthorne
4th. Dave Nitchie – Fred Neumann – HMP/Leesburg

Next week the district will play a No Two Pro tournament at Mid Florida Lakes

Written by Allen Dronsfield.  2017 10 21

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