The Earles of Scotland have returned to New Scotland (Nova Scotia)

David and Glenna Earle in Native Attire.

As many of you will remember, David and Glenna (Earle) celebrated 50 years of Happiness, and to top it off, they spent 8 Days in Scotland!! 

Glenna Speaks:  A short trip for only a week to Scotland and although we went about our plans, the weather was rather grey for most of the week. Still a wonderful place to visit, in spite of the misty, moisty weather.
We managed to see a good part of both Glasgow and Edinburgh.  Also worked in 3 days in the Livingston area where David’s family resides. We reunited with several of his cousins who took us all over the place. They are a fun-loving group and we laughed and ate and talked a lot. They still laugh at me trying to interpret the language! When I was asked if you “goat tea” which is what I heard, I then said I have never had “goat tea”. What is it like?  As they went into fits of laughter, they explained that they were asking “have you got tea?” Scottish dialect is difficult for me!

Glenna sent along 10 pix. I will now share them with you:

Clyde Arc, known locally as the Squinty Bridge

Prince’s Square- woodwork is phenomenal.

Transportation museum

Glasgow Central train station had a “Piano Garden”. This lady was playing for her own pleasure so I turned her pages!

Bankton House Hotel where we enjoyed 3 nights. Very quaint old manor built in 1812. Lovely! And a beautiful restaurant

Greyfriar’s Bobby. A great story if you have never heard of it.

There is a huge monument to Sir Walter Scott on Prince’s St in Edinburgh. Thought this is one of his better quotes! (Above)

Wonderful museum where we were lucky to have been there at the time for an organ recital which was amazing

Notice these high-back chairs! Somehow reminded me of a jail.

The above 2 pictures are at the Willow Tea Room which was very elegant and the food was utterly scrumptious.

Sent along by Glenna Earle WITH THANKS!!  Stan McCormack.  2017 10 23.

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4 Responses to The Earles of Scotland have returned to New Scotland (Nova Scotia)

  1. Virginia Chandler says:

    Loved seeing your pictures Glenna ! It must have been a great trip !


  2. Myrna Bilton says:

    A “Great Trip for a Great Couple”
    Myrna & Rendall


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  4. Virginia Chandler says:

    Thanks Stan This is great to see again !

    Liked by 1 person

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