Stan and Lois Move From Calabogie to Bobcaygeon!! 2017 09 27.

IF YOU ARE READING ON F/B, click: Stan Lois Relocate 2017 10 27  To Explain: ,

As the link indicates, this article is about our move from the Ottawa Valley, Calabogie ON to be specific, TO Bobcaygeon, ON, a relatively small town on the Trent Severn Waterway. I ended the   pdf file, the link, with these words: “WE do have 4 Indoor Shuffleboard Courts!!”  You don’t think Lois and I would have moved here if the Town Had No Shuffleboard???? (lol) We had our debut at the Courts on Tuesday, Oct 24th. We were welcomed by 20 some senior shufflers, each with a good deal of finesse on the courts!!!

A word about the Bobcaygeon (indoor) Courts: The 4 Courts, pattern built right into the floor,** are shorter than regulation courts; they had to do this because of the size of the room in which they are situated.  Their Cues are shorter, again, because of the size of the room. You just cannot shoot properly with the normal cue, because, it hits the wall behind you!!  (I know; I tried it!!)  I am guessing, but I think the Cues are about 5 ft.  Beads are applied at the start, and the discs run reasonably well; one court reminded me of AZ!! **Regular readers may remember my Brockville ON article:    The courts in Bobcaygeon are not as colourful, but the players have developed a similar pattern of play.  The concept of permanent patterns in the floor has a good deal of merit.  Beads are cleaned and the space is available for a variety of uses during the rest of the day.  I have inserted a pic of courts in Clinton ON, courts no longer used.  In Bobcaygeon, all players gather around a table at half time and enjoy a coffee and a snack!! A novel but very enjoyable modification to the “norm”.  

I will do yet another article on Bobcaygeon in the future; perhaps exclusively on Shuffleboard, complete with pix!!!  Stan McCormack.  2017 10 25.


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9 Responses to Stan and Lois Move From Calabogie to Bobcaygeon!! 2017 09 27.

  1. Interesting! Again I would like more info re the snack business – how long does this take, do people contribute with money or treats etc. I sometimes think we might do that in Brockville.
    Written at the Montreal airport. It’s pitch black out now – hope our plane has headlights!!

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  2. stanistheman says:

    Good Question Mary: Actually; one pays $3.00 to Shuffle (for 3 hours) and INCLUDED is a cup of coffee (fresh) as well as your choice of cookie, or fancy biscuit with cheese!! HECK; you would pay $3.00 for that at “Timmies”!!! Do enjoy your “visit”; And indeed, I fully expect your A/C will have lights as needed!!! Stan


  3. Glenna & David Earle says:

    Looks like a great place to play and the snack break is a novel idea. Enjoy yourselves.


  4. Max & Ruth Tate says:

    Great “stuff” Stan. Bobcaygeon is a wonderful town. We had many a good time with our small cruiser while docked on Sturgeon Lake. Enjoy.


  5. nmac54 says:

    Stan I have been trying to get ahold of Lois but I guess her e-mail has changed.  If you are coming down early enough if she would do the Orange Blossom Jan. 2 with me?


  6. Myrna and Alf says:

    Hope we see you visit Woodbrooke this winter sometime. Keep well.


  7. Vern Curtis says:

    Sounds like a good move Stan. Hope to see you and Lois this winter.


  8. stanistheman says:

    Thanks Vern!! It would be great to see you this winter!! Perhaps in Avon Park?? Feb 8th is a Draw Doubles. Stan


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