Earl Ball Reflects on the Great Pic of the 2007 “Reiny”!!! Zephyrhills is a Most Successful Club!!

Zephyr Hills Players who competed in the 2007 CD Reiny/Pro Masters.  

2007 Reiny Reflections by Earl Ball:  Stan sent along the pic above, and asked me to reflect on the 2007 Reiny Central District Masters.  What a gorgeous picture I have to work with!!!

The picture was taken on the stage of the Tourist Club which owned the courts and sold them to a private individual.  Bob Perkins purchased what is now the Zephyrhills Club because he wanted to preserve them for the Shufflers of that day and the Shufflers of this day!!  Bob has since given them to the shufflers and they are owned by the Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club; a very successful Organization. The Tourist Club is now gone.

What strikes me about the picture is how young everyone looks. Look at how young Sue Cates looks on the left. She is from Betmar and cut a promising Shuffleboard career short to play golf. Next is Don Raymont, Men’s St Am Champion, of the Tourist Club. Don is really having a rough time right now. Then comes Glenna Earle, Winters Park, who turned out to be a Hall of Fame shuffler. Diane Bardsley, Tourist Club, a fine player and fun to be around. Wendy Griffin, Tourist Club, is the Pro Women’s Champion. We haven’t seen her in a couple of years but I’ve heard she will show up sometime this season; she’s so good she would make the FSA Hall of Fame to go with her District HOF status. Roxanne Duguay, Betmar, won the Women’s Amateur division; look how young she looks. Bob Marshman, Winters Park, won the Men’s Amateur division and is now an accomplished Pro. I tied for the Men’s Pro Championship with Larry Brown, Bowling Green, and everyone was thrilled that Larry was a “Masters” Champion. Henry Strong, Tourist Club, is next to me and I think he may have been a State Am but he is now a near 600 point State Master. He’s also a District Hall of Famer as well as a Canadian National HOF’er. He’s won almost everything a player can win. Behind him is Jerry Brandon, Betmar, a great Amateur player. And look at Mary Christensen, Betmar, she’s standing between Bob Marshman and myself. She looks so young and if you could see the rest of her you would understand why I called her “Beach Bunny” in Newspaper articles. Marshall Jordan, Betmar, became a Pro and a very good one. Walt Shine, Betmar, is next. In those days he and Jerry Brandon were regular partners and always seemed to win. Both were my amateur partners and great Champions; we played every afternoon every summer for years. Joan Cook, Betmar, is next to Walt and she was the 4th in our group. I couldn’t possibly list all of Joan’s awards but you all know she is the most successful female player in our time. Look at young Linda Raymont, Tourist Club. Tom Churchill, Winters Park, in the Yellow shirt is standing behind Linda. Tom is legally blind, hence the nick name “Blind Tom”. Tom won the Reiny in Avon Park and I don’t think anyone will dispute that as one of shuffleboards great accomplishments. Tom’s been featured in a newspaper article and is about to be featured again. Bruce Pulsifer, Betmar, became a Central District HOF player. Frank Duguay, Betmar, became a Pro. George Darwin 92, Tourist Club, was a terror in those days. George recently won a Championship and the newspaper decided to feature him again; the interview was conducted last Friday. Nancy Sclafani, Tourist Club, is next to George. Nancy moved to Bradenton so her husband, Mile, could have more access to fishing. Nancy is a Hall of Fame shuffler now and she is Keeper of the Records for the Southwest District. They are thrilled to have her and we still miss her. I’m not sure who is behind Nancy but my guess is Pete Reinhart, Tourist Club. Pete didn’t like having his picture taken. Pete is the only one in the picture that has passed away. That shows you how good shuffleboard is for you don’t it. Sue Dungey looks very young and has developed into a fine Pro shuffler. Just behind her is a little bit of David Earle, Tourist Club. David was the 1st President of the Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club, about a year after this picture was taken. David is a Hall of Fame player and administrator. Shuffleboard is fortunate he was not a better golfer. On the top right is Terry Rainwater, Betmar. Terry planned, put together, and orchestrated the 1st ISA singles in 2009; an historic event. Terry is out of shuffleboard right now but may someday come back. He moved from Zephyrhills out west to play on the very fast courts used there. He now lives in Ft Wayne.
These are just the Zephyrhills players that made the District “Masters”. That’s 23 of the 48 players in six divisions.

GREAT REFLECTIONS EARL!!!  Many Thanks!  Stan 2017 10 29


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1 Response to Earl Ball Reflects on the Great Pic of the 2007 “Reiny”!!! Zephyrhills is a Most Successful Club!!

  1. Glenna & David Earle says:

    Great job Earl for a pleasant walk down memory lane. Quite a group. Will be glad to have Wendy back amongst us once again.


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