John Brown List Some of the Changes in the Game of Shuffleboard!!

Promoting Shuffleboard!!


When this columnist entered Florida shuffleboard competition 24 seasons ago, 75 points was the goal of each game. My, how things have changed.

Today Florida non-walking singles are 16 frames or 75 points, whichever happens first. For several years it was 12 or 75. Also, districts are free to use 12/75 or 16/75, as they see fit. These experiments have been responses to complaints that 75 point games can last too long. Many people are in a hurry nowadays, and shuffleboard is no longer the only game in town.
Some readers may be unaware of the variety of settings in which this game is played. This column focuses mainly on Florida and Southwest Coast District play. The SWCD, one of 7 districts in Florida, comprises Manatee and Sarasota Counties plus some of southern Hillsborough County.
Florida is one of about 14 states that comprise the USA National Shuffleboard Association. USA-NSA is one of about 18 countries which comprise the International Shuffleboard Association. All these Associations have tournaments and rules which can vary in small or large ways.
There exists also local informal or organized fun games, local leagues, local, state and national senior games, and well, you get the point. It is all fun, healthy, and optional.
Monday, Oct. 23, FLL P-04A at Lee County. Ladies Main: 1. Pam Nurnberger and partner. Consolation: 4. Flo Kowalewski-Shirley McCullough.
Monday, Oct. 23, FL P-04B at Betmar. Men Consolation: 4. Dave Minnich-Dave Kudro.
Thursday, Oct 26 SWCD D-4 at Golf Lakes, M/L Singles, 12/75 pts; continues Friday as Mixed Doubles, 12/75 pts. Main: 1 Pat Tomko-Larry Taylor, 2. Pam Nurnberger-John Roberson, 3. Shirley McCullough-Grant Childerhose, 4. Cheryl Putnam-Ron Nurnberger. Consolation: 1. Arlene McCague-Paul Knepper, 2. Cindy Slaughterbeck-Larry Fowler, 3. Judy Cross-Dwayne Cross, 4. Flo Childerhose-Gilbert Broadhead.
Today, Tuesday, Oct 31 is the second day of FL P-05 at Bradenton, National Singles, M/L, W/NW. Also Tuesday, Oct 31, second day of FL A-02 at Sebring, Any Ams/Any Doubles, 75 pts.
Thursday, Nov. 2 at Palmetto, SWCD D-5, M/L Singles, 12/75 pts. (lunch available).
Friday, Nov. 3 at Palmetto, SWCD A-2, Any Ams, Singles, 12/75 pts. No points for State ams.
Next Monday, Nov. 6 FL P-06A at Deland P-06B at Port Charlotte, M/L Doubles, (no lunch)
Also Next Monday, Nov. 6, FL A-03 at Lakeland, Any Ams/Any Doubles, 75 points.
. Last Thursday at Golf Lakes, Charlie DeVries drove Letha in his Golf cart and watched us play.
. Members of SWCD Clubs remember SWCD Fall Meeting at 1:00 P.M., Saturday, Nov. 4 at Bradenton Shuffle Club. Open to all.
Happy Shuffling.  Sent along by John Brown.

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