Sanlan RV and Golf Resort will host the CD General Membership Meeting on 2017 11 04.

November 4, 2017  Executive Meets at 09:00; Membership at 10:30. Location:  Sanlan RV and Golf Resort

If you are a shuffler in the FSA Central District, you owe it to yourself to show up, to listen, and yes, to CONTRIBUTE!! State President Dave Kudro, at the State Meeting of Oct 14th had this to say, inter alia:  One of President Kudro’ s first actions is to Stress the importance of the Publicity and Marketing Standing Committee. President Kudro appointed each District President and District State Rep to the Publicity and Marketing Standing Committee. He further stressed that Publicity and Marketing will be on every Agenda and be prepared to report to as what actions they are doing in their Districts to promote shuffleboard.  Given the importance the State is placing on Publicity and Marketing, I rather expect that President Stockman will be receptive to suggestions/ideas in this regard!!  Give some thought as to how you will have an IMPACT!!  Why not go here and read what actions the State is taking:


Invocation and Pledge

Welcome and Thanks to Sanlan RV Park

B. Roll Call

C. Introduction of Club Presidents/Delegates

D. Minutes from Previous Meeting—March 4, 2017

E. Communications

F. Report of Officers President-Doug Stockman

1st VP –Jim Chandler

2nd VP-Marti Noble

3rd VP-John Houghtaling

4th VP-Cathy Mills

Secretary –Cheryl Conkle

Treasurer-Mike Seyfer

State Delegate-Larry Brown

Alt. State Delegate- Judy Holloway

District Tournament Director-George Adyns

Webmaster/KOA-Glenn Monroe

HOF Curators-Jim/Marlene Corbeil

HOF Classic-Jim/Virginia Chandler

G. Unfinished Business a. Additional CD money for tournaments b. Reiny Masters (2018 ZHills, 2019 St. Cloud, 2020 Lakeland) c. Other

H. New Business a. Possible change of format for CD Masters .  >> b. 2018 HOF/Fun Day Format  >> c. 2017/18 Novice Tournament  >> d. 2018/2019 FSA State Masters >> e. Special HOF Award  >> f. State Meeting  >> i. Historical Committee   >> ii. Move Up Points  >> iii. Bunching of Byes  >> iv. Other g. Lake Helen h. Fraud Incident i. Tournament concerns j. Other

I. Adjournment

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