Allen Dronsfield Gives us ND Results; 2017 11 04.

Sharon Upson, 1st Main

Katy Walker, 1st Main

Al Dronsfield Speaks: The Northern District held it’s Men’s Dbls. and Women’s Dbls. Thursday and Friday in perfect weather at Hawthorne. A lighter than normal turnout this year with 13 women’s teams and 22 men’s team’s.

Directed by Jack Wooten the tournament ran smoothly along. I had the great pleasure of teaming up with Charlie Adams. Charlie and his wife Carol have been in this game along time and have great knowledge of the game. Since I began playing Charlie has always been around watching me, it was like having my own fan club. We knocked off Richard Burkhardt and Leaping Lew Kagan in our first match but we fell to Rick Enright and Frank Cherill in the second match. It gave me the opportunity to play golf on Friday with the Village guy’s. Shot a 79 in great conditions, it was rewarding.
As usual I need to rely on Stan McCormack for pictures as I wasn’t around for the finals.
Next week the northern district moves over to Leesburg for another men’s dbls. and women’s dbls. I am not playing this as it’s time to play more golf.
Here are results for this week.

Ladies Main Event

1st. Katy Walker/Sharon Upson – Hawthorne  Pix at top.
2nd. Nancy Andrews/Sue McLaughlin – Hawthorne
3rd. Gail Howell/Carol Adams – Leesburg/Hawthorne
4th. Freeda Carr/Jane Moore – Leesburg


1st. Carol May/Lorraine Layton – Hawthorne/Tavares
2nd. Patty Foster/Doris Hanke – Tavares/Hawthorne
3rd. Mary Jane Neumann/Barb Tulip – Leesburg
4th. Louise Donnelly/Pat Moody – Deland/MFL

Men’s Main Event

1st. Chuck Brayman/Ron Carr – Hawthorne/Leesburg
2nd. Frank Cherill/Rick Enright – Leesburg/Tavares
3rd. Vern Ivey/George Snyder – Inverness/Clermont
4th. Fred Neumann/Dave Nitchie – Leesburg/HMP


1st. Richard Burkhardt/Lew Kagan – ParkwoodOaks/Leesburg
2nd. Ron Bodo/Dave Martin – Tavares
3rd. Steve Raley/Tom Allen – Clermont
4th. Fred Thompson/Paul Hodges – Leesburg

A special note! Rick Enright has now accumulated his needed points for the Northern District’s Hall of Fame. Great job Rick.

Reported by Allen Dronsfield 11/4/17

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1 Response to Allen Dronsfield Gives us ND Results; 2017 11 04.

  1. kastawaykaty says:

    Thanks Al for the results & Thanks Stan for the pictures of us ladies!!


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