FSA SD President Bob Smith Reports: 2017 11 04.

Miles and Razor Recognized

1st Main; Pierre Marcotte Mike Healy and

1st in Cons. Clarence Bry and Randy Colman

This weeks tournament started off honoring the Southern District only 2 members of the 100 wins in the main event. Dick Miles and Ray Razor were presented plaques from President Bob Smith. Pictured above are photos of tournament champions Mike Healey (yellow shirt) and his partner Pierre Marcotte. Coming in first in consolation was Randy Coleman (blue Illinois shirt) and Clarence Bry.  This was a must have a district amateur required tournament with 38 teams

1st main Mike Healey – Pierre Marcotte
2nd main Bill LeMay – Tom Maloney
3rd main Bill Oosridk – Annette Everling (A whole bunch of BILL’s)
4th main Bill Hamilton – Jack Miller

1st con Randy Coleman – Clarence Bry
2nd con Herman Lansink – Russ Gorgone
3rd con Bill Labranche – John Eck
4th con Jack Moore – Shirley Conrad

Sent along by Bob Smith WITH THANKS!!  2017 11 04

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