Frank Niziolek, WCD State Rep. Keeps You Up To Date!!

Hello WCD shufflers. Message from WCD State Rep. Frank Niziolek.

There will be a WCD meeting Wednesday November 15, at 1:00PM, at Ranch Mobile, mobile home park. To be held at Heron Hall, 400 Heron Rd, Largo.

We invite all members of a WCD affiliated club or others interested in shuffling.  We would like more participation from the voting members who are the elected President of their affiliated club, or the presidents representative. (A representative needs a letter from the president designating them authority to vote in their absence.)

I have provided a current WCD schedule.  17-18 WCD Schedule  (Click to open and  print)

Glen Peltier is again holding free lessons at the Clearwater Club beginning Wednesday, November 15, at 1 PM ending March 14.  Go here for details > AND > please print off a copy of the poster, and place it on your bulletin board. Go here for details. *   * To print off the poster > right click on the poster, and select what best works for you.  SHUFFLERS across FL, take note of this: NOTE: Glen will also come into YOUR PARK and provide lessons at no charge!! Contact him at <> to arrange a suitable date and time. 

We are also holding a ONE DAY Saturday, any doubles tournament, Dec 9 at Clearwater. See Flyer at top!!  Come and enjoy!!  

Happy Shuffling,
Frank Niziolek
WCD FSA Delegate

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