State Tournament PO6B Held at Port Charlotte. Report by Bob Smith

Bob Smith Speaks: Our District’s ladies are going to have to slow down on beating up the other District’s ladies. .

Once again the Southern District ladies dominated the tournament taking 12 of the 16 places. Lead by tournament champion Joyce Smith and Pam Nurnberger. Consolation was won by SD Scottie Keusch and Cecile Messier. (No photo) my apologies
to them. The men’s division was lead many time master’s champion Jim Miller teaming up
with Fahrenheit Vandegrift. Consolation was won Keith Morton and Dewayne Renwick.

The results: Ladies 14 teams
1st main Joyce Smith – Pam Nurnberger
2nd main Colleen Austin – Terri Smith
3rd main Allie Enos – Julianna Hogye
4th main Carol Healey – Janet Castleman

1st con Scottie Keusch – Cecile Messier
2nd con Lynne Shick – Nancy Singleton
3rd con Linda McRae – Maureen Bryan
4th con Joyce Radcliff – Lois Feldman

Men had 22 teams
1st main Jim Miller – Faren Vandegrift
2nd main Chuck Wilson – Bill Oostydk
3rd main Ron Nurnberger – Dwayne Cross
4th main Jay Goldman – Charles Buscher

1st con Keith Morton – Dewayne Renwick
2nd con Dick Widdis – Ken Offenther
3rd con Dave Kudro – Tom Putnam
4th con Jack Moore – Randy Coleman

Many thanks to Bob Smith.  2017 11 07

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