Davis Memorial; 109 East Main St., Avon Park; Friday, Nov. 24th at 08:45

Reasons Why You Will Enjoy the 2017 (Black Friday) Davis Memorial at Avon Park, 109 East Main St East in Avon Park. 

Stan McCormack speaks: We believe the picture above of George and Clara Davis, Mother and Father of Dick Davis, was taken in the 1950s. Both George and Clara were active Avon Park Members when the Club had a membership of 649 very active members who participated primarily in shuffleboard.  Dick, to honor his “Mom and Dad”, sponsors this event annually.  

At an earlier time the Avon Park Clubhouse was also used for dances, both round and square, cards & games, potluck dinners, bingos, teaching crafts, & picture slide shows.
Avon Park Shuffleboard Club is one of the finest Shuffling Facilities anywhere! I first made that statement on March 17th of 2007 ~~ and I will now justify what some may consider an audacious statement!!! Under the leadership of Tom Clayton, the Club continues to build on its many successes..

To lead off the list of appealing features, let me begin with location!! Could it be any better ~ I think not? The Shuffling Facility is pleasantly situated on the main street of Avon Park, The City of Charm. The Club House is directly across the street from Avon Park’s City Hall, almost as though the city fathers had chosen the location to compliment City Hall, to send a message of warmth and welcome to all who elect to become members.

Immediately to the east of the Club House is a park, a park replete with covered benches, with Palm Trees, and yes, the Park has been designed to take full benefit of the small Lake and sandy shores. Weather permitting you will find many shufflers enjoying their lunch in Donaldson Park.

REGISTER NOW: E-mail Tom Clayton:  tgc357@juno.com or telephone 937-308-3410). You may also register by contacting Don Rood:  rooddon@hotmail.com  , telephone: 863-458-3518. Advance registration is preferred as registration will be limited to the first 88 registrants for the 22 courts.  The format will be Mingles-Singles, Amateurs at the foot, Pros at the head.  $10.00 Registration fee, but remember, you get a meal, you play all day, AND you just may also get Prize Money!!  Just added to-day: Avon Park  will give a complimentary lunch to any non-playing spouse who would otherwise stay home alone!!!  P.S. If you are at Avon Park for the District Tournament on Thursday and Friday, Nov. 9th and 10th, WHY NOT SIGN UP?  If you enjoy a little humor, TELL DICK DAVIS HE IS LOOKING REALLY GOOD!!

The Avon Park Club House is an historic building in everythingexcept its designation!! It was moved to the present site from a military facility east of the City. In earlier times the Club had a membership of 650 ~ to-day (2007) it is just under 200. In earlier times the Club House was the hub of social activity for those 600 members ~ a fact of which we are reminded as we review the photos displayed in the newly renovated office at one end of the building.

Stan McCormack.  (For additional info. contact Tom at  gc357@juno.com  and

Slide Shows:  https://photopeach.com/album/nlbcw5 AND  https://photopeach.com/album/9782cx

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