Avon Park Hosts District Tournament. Club President Clayton Reports.

Avon Park Senior Activities Center (APSAC) welcomed 64 Ladies & Gentlemen Shufflers to District Tournament CDA05A & CDP05A on November 9th. & 10th. We were honored to host 44 Pros and 20 Amateurs at our historic facility.

In an Opening Ceremony reminiscent of The Stanley Cup Playoffs, all present stood and sung “O Canada” and the “Star Spangled Banner” before attacking the courts.

The results of the tournament made one think it was “MILLER TIME” with Ray Miller placing 1st. in the Pro Main, Odessa Miller taking 3rd. in the Pro Main, Harold Miller taking 4th. in the Pro Con. and Jerry Miller finishing 4th. in the Am. Con.

1st. Beverly Lane & Richard LaCourse
2nd. David Sanborn & Sharon Johnston
3rd. Don Brisbane & Gerdien Dykman
4th. Sandy Bigam & Lucinda Shidler
1st. Bruce Nemcosky & Bruce Shidler
2nd. Brenda Dawson & Gary Sorko
3rd. Ron Dawson & John Schlaffler, Jr.
4th. Mary Temoke & Jerry Miller

1st. Dan Morgan & Ray Miller
2nd. Don Rood & Moe Vermeulen
3rd. Odessa Miller & Linda Armstrong
4th. George Rosema & Richard Cron
1st. Sheilia Cron & Roy Briegal
2nd. Ruth Brown & Harold Cunningham
3rd. Marti Noble & Andrew Kisaky
4th. Kay Cramblit & Harold Miller

We were flattered by the many compliments on our new LED Lighting System; many commented on how distinctly it makes all the court lines appear.

A special Thank You for the many hours of effort given by our Members – especially: Al Emmendorfer, Jim Allard, Don Rood, Ethelene Nash, Joan Mondry, Joan Brisbane, Edna Myatt, Keith Morton.

Sent along by Tom Clayton WITH THANKS.  2017 11 10.

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