Earl Ball Says: “Watch Who You Kick”!!!!

For you ladies, who would like to give your man a good swift kick, keep in mind what could happen. You may fracture your foot and then he would have to take care of you, like pushing you around in a kiddie cart at the grocery store. No she didn’t really kick me; she slipped off of a rock in the Dead Sea in September and fractured her foot, putting her into a boot.

Sent along by Earl Ball With Thanks.  2017 11 11.  Stan Speaks: Vivian: Although it looks like you are getting pretty good care, DO HOPE YOU ARE BACK ON YOUR FEET  SOON!!


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3 Responses to Earl Ball Says: “Watch Who You Kick”!!!!

  1. Oh no, get well soon Vivian but enjoy having Earl waiting on you.


  2. Virginia Chandler says:

    What a good nurse you have Vivian ! Hope you are mending well !


  3. Now’s your chance Earl. Take her to a steep incline and set her free! Too bad Florida is not like San Francisco. Lol


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