The Largest Tournament in the World Winds up To-day!!!

Lynn and Lorne’s Alberta grizzly team in Arizona!, playing in the worlds largest tournament in shuffleboard with 428 participants!

Ken Wardley Speaks:  Hello Stan, Thank you for your email. I will try and give you a run down on the WSA tournament being held in Apache Junction and Mesa Arizona.  
We have a total of 20 teams, each comprising of approximately 18 to 20 players for each team.  Each team is made up of Men and Women.
Each team plays a minimum of four games a day, with each team having 8 players on the A team and 8 players on the B team.   The team plays 4 games a day (8 players play in one game against eight from another. Play is single format with the winner getting one point. Ties are not played off so teams could get 1/2 point). Players can only play two games per day unless a sickness, illness or emergency arises. Players must play based on the order of the roster that is submitted to the director. Example the first eight players on the roster will play the first game and the second eight players the 2nd games. This rotation continues throughout the tournament. Each team plays the other 23 teams. There are 4 games Monday through Friday and three games on Saturday. A banquet and awards ceremony are held on the Saturday evening of the tournament.

We have three divisions Black Red & Green and the top two teams in each division will receive wonderful prizes, at the Banquet which takes place on Saturday Evening.

I also produce a calendar for the WSA, a calendar which raised just under $5000.00!!

Pic taken from FB.  Info. sent along by Ken Wardley with Thanks!  Hope to be able to publish the results on Sunday.  Stan McCormack.  2017 11 11


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