Allen Dronsfield Reports on FSA ND Events.

The Northern District went to Leesburg this week, this was the first of 4 tournaments to be held there this season. As many would know Leesburg courts have been redone by the city and are smooth beaded courts. In combination Leesburg has it’s new courts and using the new Arco discs. The courts are running smoothly and provide players with many opportunities in shot making.

The tournament was directed by Donna King and sponsored by Cebert Finacial and Suter AC and Heating.
I had played in this event my first six years thus far in the game and winning it the last four years in a row. This is one of the tournaments I choose to sit out this season, so I stopped by briefly Friday to see how it was going.  The tournament saw 14 Ladies teams and 28 Men’s teams this year, along with some new players.
The Northern District will hold an Any Amateur Draw tournament at Tavares on Monday and Tuesday and then a Mixed Dbls. tournaments at Deland on Thursday and Friday.

Ladies Main
1st. Gail Howell/Doris Hanke – Leesburg/Hawthorne
2nd. Sue Insinga/Carol May – Hawthorne
3rd. Nancy Andrews/Patty Foster – Hawthorne/Tavares
4th. Lorraine Layton/Mary Jane Neumann – Tavares/Leesburg

1st. Dee Metz/Sharon Upson – Deland/Hawthorne
2nd. Christine Giumarra/Carolyn Burrell – Deland/Whisperwood
3rd. Jo Ann Craw/Jane Moore – HTR/Leesburg
4th. Jan Dally/Christine Inga – Deland

Men’s Main
1st. Rick Enright/Frank Cherill – Tavares/Leesburg
2nd. Walt Bartels/Stan Williamson – Deland/Quail Hollow
3rd. Lee Newell/Bill Jones – Hawthorne
4th. Richard Burchardt/Lew Kagan – Parkwood Oaks/Leesburg

1st. Dave Martin/Dave Dean – Tavares/Leesburg
2nd. Paul Hodges/Fred Thompson – Leesburg
3rd. Roger Vandevender/Bob Metz – Orange City/Deland
4th. John Giumarra/Richie Burrell – Deland/Whisperwood

Written by Allen Dronsfield 11/12/17

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