Breaking News!! Ball and Strong go down in defeat!!!

BREAKING NEWS!! News to Shufflers Around the World!

We inform you that Earl Ball and Henry Strong, competing in FL State Tournament PO7A, have been defeated!! “Hey Guys”!! This is what Shuffling is ALL ABOUT!!!

We take that as a clear indication of a) The quality of Shufflers competing against them; b) The truly competitive aspect of Shuffleboard at this level; and c) the pressure placed on players as they come within “one win” to achieve the PLATEAU of 1,000 POINTS, and the emblematic Green Jacket that goes with it!!!
It has been a tough season for Earl and Henry!! They have struggled together?? Henry has earned 5 points this season; Earl 10. They have competed, partnering with each other in 5 tournaments this year. They placed 3rd in the Main in Hawthorne, PO1B; 1st in Consolation at Zephyrhills in PO2B; and Earl placed 2nd in the Men’s Walking Singles, PO5.
I am sure their Judgment, Enthusiasm, and Determination will prevail and carry them to a win in the immediate future!! Each will play again on 2017 11 20 in a Mixed Doubles. Each can choose between Lakeland and Bradenton. I wish them well!!
Stan McCormack. 2017 11 13.

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1 Response to Breaking News!! Ball and Strong go down in defeat!!!

  1. David P Kudro says:

    Just for the superstitious, Earl and Henry lost in the Quarters on Court 13 at Bradenton..


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