John Brown’s Weekly News Article. 2017 11 14

HOF Induction remarks by Roy Norman. Click on the link below.  

Here is the link:   1-actual-for-john-brown-by-roy-norman

This columnist is the present historian of the Florida Shuffleboard Association. Here are a few gems from our history book, written about a decade ago by Mrs. Dorothy Wagasky, in anticipation of our Centennial in 2013.
. Shuffleboard was played in England in 1399.
. Shuffleboard was first played in America in 1913, at Daytona Beach, where there is a historical marker.
. The first discs were wooden.
. A set of discs and cues were offered for $5.00 by a lumber yard in St. Petersburg.
. The first shuffle club in America was at Mirror Lake Park in St. Petersburg in 1924.
. Clubs began in Winter Haven in 1926; Orlando and Clearwater in 1927, St. Cloud, Hollywood, Lakeland and Lake Wales in 1929.
. The Florida Shuffleboard Association was formed December 28, 1928 at a meeting held at Mirror Lake.
. By 1932 there were 24 clubs in the Florida Shuffleboard Association.

FL P06B at Port Charlotte, Nov. 6, M/L Doubles, 75 pts. Ladies Main: 1. Pam Nurnberger and partner, 2. Terri Smith and partner. Men Main: 1. Jim Miller-Faren Van DeGrift , 3. Dwayne Cross-Ron Nurnberger. Consolation: 3. Tom Putnam-Dave Kudro. (No SWCD winners at P06A in Deland and FL-
A03 Any Amateurs at Lakeland, Nov. 6.)
SWCD D-6 Nov. 9 at Bradenton Tropical Palms, M/L Draw Doubles, Restricted to State Ams and Pros, 16 frames or 75 points. Men Main: 1. Bob Kendall-Ralph Lozano, 2. Peter Berg-Richard McCowan, 3. Jim Miller-Steve Slaughterbeck, 4. Russ Spoto-Ed Leonard. Consolation: 1. Dave Evenson-Dennis Spangler, 2. Jim Clark-David Welsh, 3, John Roberson-Ira Snook, 4. Dave Kudro-Lowell Williams. Ladies Main: 1. Nancy Sclafani-Doris Mularz, 2. Jill DeBruyne-Marlene Coburn, 3. Pat Tomko-Marcia Brazier, 4. Adriana Cramton-Terri Smith. Consolation: 1. Margaret Hartzler-Jane Schram, 2. Lois Wegner-Linda Wallingford, 3. Shirley McCullough-Arlene McCague, 4. Cindy Slaughterbeck-Kathy Laver.
SWCD A-3 Nov. 10 at Bradenton Tropical Palms, Singles 16/75 points. Cancelled as only 8 Amateurs came and declined to play singles, so played “fun mingles”; no points awarded.
Today is the second day of FL P-07A at Bradenton, Open M/L Doubles, 75 points. Also today is second day of FL P-07B at Melbourne Tropical Haven, Mixed doubles, Open to all. Also second day of FL A-04A at Lee County, A-04B at Betmar, Any Ams/Any Doubles, 75 pts.
Thursday, Nov. 16 SWCD D-7 at Trailer Estates, Open M/L Doubles, 75 pts. Friday Nov. 17 SWCD A-4 at Trailer Estates, Any Ams/Any Doubles, 16/75 pts. No points for State Ams.
Next Monday, Nov. 20 FL P-08A at Lakeland and P-08B at Bradenton, Mixed Doubles, 75 pts. Also Nov. 20 FL A-05 at Vero Beach, State Sponsored Singles, N/W, M/L, Any Amateurs, 16 frames/75 points.
Black Friday non-sanctioned (no points) fun Tournament at Palmetto, Nov. 24, open to all. More details next week.
Happy Shuffling.

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