Davis Memorial and Juanita Harlow National Mixed Doubles. Both at Avon Park, 109 East Main St.

Above are two articles which appear on the walls of Avon Park’s Club House. Each is a very small part of the contribution Dick Davis and Juanita Harlow have made to Shuffleboard. Each is an example of the history of the Avon Park Club!!  Each will be celebrated  in two special tournaments at Avon Park, 109 East Main St.   Club President Tom Clayton looks forward to hosting both!!  Details Below:  

I draw your attention to each article at this time because each has a Shuffleboard Event rapidly approaching!!!  The Davis Memorial begins Friday, Nov. 24th; Juanita Harlow National Mixed Doubles begins Monday, Dec 4th!!  The Nov 24th Event is open to all; without regard to player status, and without regard to District: Register in advance.  https://theshuffler.net/2017/11/08/davis-memorial-109-east-main-st-avon-park-friday-nov-24th-at-0845/


The Juanita Harlow National Mixed Doubles is open to State Amateurs and District Amateurs without regard to District!!  Juanita’s Story will be shared with the audience!!!  This in itself makes the Day worth while. Shuffling is a BONUS!!! check: https://theshuffler.net/2015/12/04/are-you-an-amateur-shuffler-you-have-an-opportunity-if-you-are-see-below/

Posted by Stan McCormack.  2017 11 18.

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