We Look Back to Shuffleboard’s Experience in Zimbabwe!!

The message below is from David Pedley, who at the time, circa 1981, was the President of the Zimbabwe Shuffleboard Assn.  Zimbabwe has been IN THE NIGHTLY NEWS (the Canadian National News) for several nights, and NOT in a “good way”.  Some of you may not know that we had Shuffleboard there!!!!! The prime mover of this action was Don Kleckner.   Don was elected President of the I.S.A. at the ’87 games in Hemet, California and served as such from January ’88 until 1991.  He was also President of the Shuffleboard Development Corporation.  He had a dream that Shuffleboard would become a sport to be recognized world wide. So did many others but no one put forth as much effort to make that dream come true as Don.  Pic is of Don and Mabel Kleckner.

Shuffleboard Association of
Zimbabwe Limited: Member of International Shuffleboard Association.
Shuffleboard Development Corporation
(Incorporated in USA)
FROM ZIMBABWE David Pedley Speaks: (circa the 80s) 
There has not been too much water passing under the bridge this past year in regard to development of shuffleboard in this country due to the effects of our recent drought, but nevertheless, considering our stringent financial restrictions, we are quite happy with progress made thus far.
We have constructed the very first shuffleboard court on the African continent, which is built strictly to N.S.A./I.S.A specifications and we will shortly be launching the sport in this country, there has been tremendous enthusiasm shown so far and we look forward to rapid growth in the initial stages.
We would like to express our sincere thanks to Don Kleckner Sam Allen and Malcolm Crowder from “Down Under” for all their advice, support and encouragement over the past few years an also those associations that have provided us with various forms of printed material for publicity purposes and we look forward to your continued support.
In conclusion, may we wish each and everyone of you, a MOE successful tournament and we look forward to seeing many of you at our inaugural tournament in the very near future.

David W Pedley President  (Zimbabwe Shuffleboard Assn.)

Posted by Stan McCormack. 2107 11 20. The only other reference to Zimbabwe I have is this paragraph, taken from a posting of mine in July of 2015.  The last time Goderich hosted a major Shuffleboard Event was in 1998 when the International Shuffleboard Assn. held their 18th International Event. Nations competing at that time were Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, the USA and Zimbabwe. Goderich resident Al Weeks of Goderich was the prime organizer in 1998; Al Weeks is the prime organizer in 2015! Shufflers have been playing in Goderich Memorial Arena for 22 years. During this period, the Town of Goderich has been a strong and consistent supporter. The Mayor and Council have indicated their support for the current event, the Inter Provincial beginning July 20th; Mayor Morrison and representatives will attend Opening Ceremonies and other selected portions of the programme. 

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