As regular readers know, Earl Ball needs 3 points to reach the most respected plateau of 1,000 Points!!  As regular readers know, Earl Ball is shuffling to-day, in Lakeland, FL, in the State Mixed Doubles, PO8A.

What regular readers do not know is that Earl is partnering with Ruth Brown!!  What regular readers do not know is that Earl and Ruth have advanced to the finals in the Main Event, thus guaranteeing a minimum of 2 Points!!!  Remember folks, 3 are needed!!  

As the spotlight will soon be on Earl, I thought it only right to tell readers just a little about his partner, Ruth Brown.  Can you imagine how this young lady felt when she was asked to partner with Earl Ball, especially since Earl was going for 3 points, 3 points needed to give him 1,000 points!! 3 points which would enter him into the Shuffleboard Book of History!! Talk about pressure!!

The tournament in question, State PO8A, Mixed Doubles, is being played as I type, in Lakeland, FL.  As it is a Mixed Doubles, it was mandatory for Earl to drop his regular State Partner, Henry Strong, and select a female! Earl’s previous lady partner, Joan Cook, was still in Canada; rather than fly her down, he made a decision, he decided to ask Ruth Brown.
Ruth herself is a professional shuffler in every sense of the way; her first FSA Masters was in 2005; five years later 2010-03-23, while playing with friend Nicole Archambault, Ruth qualified for entrance into the most respected FSA Hall of Fame. Ruth had this to say on the occasion: “A goal has been reached that I thought would never be for me a few years back. Today was very exciting for me to make my final point with friend, Nicole. The happiness on Larry’s face was all it took for the tears to start flowing. It was a great feeling knowing there were a lot of friends there cheering for me, friends who were as happy for me as I was!! It was a great day”. Ruth.
Since 2010 Ruth has earned an additional 163 points, for a total of 363!! Will Ruth and Earl, working together, be able to put Earl “over the top”????

Stan McCormack with current info. provided by TD Glenn Monroe.  2017 11 21 10:45




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  1. Michael says:

    Dear Earl,
    Best of Luck to you today. No spontaneous shots today. Think each out before you attempt it.
    That coming from a friend who has 1/2 point lifetime to one who has 997. But its from the heart !


  2. Thomas Gionet says:

    Good luck you two I hope you make it Earl.


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