Earl Makes The 1,000 Point!! Earl Celebrates; Others Compliment!!


If is fair to begin the comments with the only living female with 1,000 FL State Points!! That person is Joan Cook!!!

Green Jacket Holder Joan Cook Speaks: Well Earl Congratulations on your 1000 Points. We are all so proud of you. I know how difficult it is to get those last few points.  I remember so well I needed 10 points going into the season. Playing with Arlene Guerrini at Hawthorne, we won 1st place bringing me down to 5 points. Played with Ellen Davis the next tournament and Ellen could not play the next day. Katie Walker & Pauline Breton took a forfeit and Ellen and I got 3rd which gave me 3 more points. I only needed 2 points and what a struggle. Played in Clearwater, Bradenton, and Betmar with no success??  Was supposed to play with Diana Morrison at Deland and she got sick.  I talked Arlene Guerrine into going with me. She agreed and it rained the first day and the tournament was delayed. Bob Robinson watched our play and told me if I did not get the points he would go to Melbourne with me. He waited the whole next day to see if we got the two points. I think he was a little disappointed that he did not have the opportunity to play with me. Arlene and I were successful!!!  Earl said at dinner the night before he could not even talk to me because the nerves set in.

Joan Cook Congratulating Earl Ball on achieving 1,000 points.

AND OF EQUAL SIGNIFANCE:  From the ISA Past President, Michael Zellner: Dear Earl, From the bottom of my heart, I wish to congratulate you on this outstanding and rare accomplishment. Imagine “One Thousand Points” each one earned from diligent and precision actions, repeated time and time again, against numerous other professional shuffleboard players and on so many different courts and playing surfaces. As the ISA President you were instrumental in its modernization and were without a doubt the finest and most strategic competitor to hold that office.

Following you into the ISA Presidency I called upon you various times for your opinions and guidance on matters related to the office and never once did you refuse to stop what you were doing and render assistance. One must also realize that while you earned those 1000 points for yourself there were many other partners who you rallied into the competitive field helping them to earn points for themselves and experience the thrill of victory. You are a living legend Earl Ball. Congratulations once again !

Michael Robert Zellner
ISA Past President : Stan Speaks: Big Thank You to TD Glenn Monroe for sending this NEWS along on a timely basis!!  2017 11 21 16:06

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7 Responses to Earl Makes The 1,000 Point!! Earl Celebrates; Others Compliment!!

  1. Pat Batdorff says:

    So happy for you, Earl! I am sure Ruthie is delighted that she was your partner when you reached your goal. Way to go!!


  2. Thomas Gionet says:

    Congratulations Earl.


  3. Gary pipher says:

    Congratulations Earl on your tremendous accomplishment of reaching 1000 points. You have added a lot of class and attention to the game of Shuffleboard over the years . Your name has become synonyous with the game of Shuffleboard in Florida and you will be always be a winner where ever you play.


  4. Merv and Audrey says:

    Congratulations Earl
    Wow 1000 points, that’s a lot of shuffleboard.
    It is hard for us new shufflers to imagine the hard work and dedication you put into becoming the best in this game and achieving this great accomplishment.
    Also congrats to your partner (Vivian), who we are sure stood with you behind the scenes every step of the way towards your shuffleboard goals.
    Congratulations, Enjoy the moment together, Celebrate and get ready for the next mountain to climb.
    Merv & Audrey


  5. Elizabeth Russell says:

    Congratulations Earl


  6. Henry Strong says:

    Congrats again to a real good friend,I am extremely happy that Ruthie was your partner who helped you attain your goal. Their is no one with more dedication and love for the game than you and it was tough going for the past few weeks but now you can relax and enjoy your accomplishment. Henry and Geraldine.

    Sent from my iPad



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