Joseph Kent Has An Idea to Effectively Use those “Old Discs”!!

Al Dronsfield Speaks:  I recently played a tournament at Bradenton and had the pleasure of meeting and playing a gentleman named Joseph Kent.

As we were playing, Joseph made conversation about his interest in work with used shuffleboard discs. As we all live in a recycled world, Joseph has taken it to another level. Joseph has taken those old worn out discs and turned them into works of art. Joseph is turning these discs into memorial awards, and ceremonial plaques. He polishes them up and puts whatever information necessary for the occasion on them. He has placed them on an easel for display.
Recently Joseph made a players caring for players disc and got it to the Charlie DeVries family.  The Family took the discs to the hospital where Charlie has been dealing with his medical issues. What a wonderful gesture it is and how many different ways this can be used. From awarding them with service stars for years of service, to board members, as well as players, memorial plaques, etc.  (Click on any pic to expand)
Very creative and a great use of old discs which have been stored in boxes in all of our clubs.  If you have any old discs around, please consider getting them to Joseph Kent and placing your order, his ph# is  942-497-3210 and his email address is
Joseph mentioned also that some individuals had said it was a tax! I personally don’t agree as I see it more as a souvenir of life. Is it any different than traveling around our countries and world collecting souvenir’s of spoons, thimbles, postcards, etc. My interest is in T-shirts and ball caps.
I can’t think of a better way to utilize these worn out old discs sitting around collecting dust.

Written by Allen Dronsfield 11/22/17

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