Amateur Winners

Pro Winners


Tom Clayton Speaks: Avon Park Senior Activities Center (APSAC) is the site for this annual tournament which is sponsored by Dick Davis in memory of his parents, George and Clara Davis, who were early members of our Club that was founded in 1936.

Notwithstanding the foregoing Thanksgiving Day Holiday, our 50 guests polished off coffee & doughnuts all morning and a sumptuous buffet of sub sandwiches and broasted chicken all afternoon!

During our luncheon, Dick was presented with a signed appreciation from all the Lovely Ladies who have had the “Dubious Fortune” of receiving his tutoring throughout his many years!

At lunch, Dick was also “Toasted & Roasted” unmercifully by the entire AP Board of Directors. Al Emmendorfer, Jim Allard, Gary Sorko, Joe Castiglia, Keith Morton, Larry Harvey and Tom Clayton worked Dick over pretty well. Larry Brown, Ruth Brown and John Bushee joined in, too! A lot of laughs were shared by the whole crowd.

In spite of the endless cuisine, all managed to play 3 games in the morning and an additional 3 games in the afternoon! Go here for Slide Show 1: and 2)


1st place: Ron Dawson $40
2nd place: Ethelene Nash $35
3rd place: Vern Phenix $30
4th place: Rita Holmberg $25
5th place: Marsha Lojewski $20
6th place: Joe Castiglia $15

1st place: Al Emmendorfer $40
2nd place: Jim Helms $35
3rd place: Moe Vermeulen $30
4th place: Dewayne Renwick: $25
5th place: Ozcar Clarin $20
6th place: Bruce Shider $15

If you missed this event this year, you missed a really good time!

We hope that you will mark your new calendar for Friday, November 23, 2018 and attend this unique event.  Many thanks to Avon Park Club President Tom Clayton for sending along this article > c/w many pix.  Stan McCormack.  2017 11 25.

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