Welcome to the Shuffleboard Capital of Ontario!!

There are not many readers who do NOT know that Gary Pipher is the former President, in fact the very first President of the Coldwater Shuffleboard Club!! He also served as President of the CNSA.  The article below is but one fine example of the great work Gary has done to ensure SHUFFLEBOARD is before the World

Gary Pipher Speaks: ‎Well we finally got the shuffleboard signs up in Coldwater. It was a long process but I guess it’s normal now for townships to follow all the strict regulations .
Before we could consider having a sign made we had to first get approval from the council with letters back and forth to substantiate the request. After a few weeks of waiting we were given the ok from council but we had to follow all the guidelines with the regulatory bodies. The Director of Public Works had to do an on site visit and decide on the proper location. Then we had to submit plans for the sign c/w dimensions and all materials being used.
The next step was to contact the Utility Companies with underground services in the area just to be sure we were not going to damage a service. But here in lies the problem. The Ontario One Call would not do a locate unless we were a bonafide contracting company since the dig was to be done on Township property.
Then in order to do any work on Township property the contractor must have 2 million $ liability insurance.
By this time we thought it was all going to be a waste of time. But we managed to find a contractor with adequate insurance and they applied for the clearance to dig 4 post holes for us.
Well, on Thursday of last week it all came together. A few of us got together and put up the sign.
We rented a post hole auger and it was like hanging on to the outer ring of a merry go round . When the auger hit a tree root or a boulder it let you know as it had the capability of tossing you into orbit very quickly.
We had to go down 3 1/2 ft. to get below the frost line and drop in 4 ft. sauna tubes. The 4×4 sign support posts had to be encased in concrete and allowed to set. The framework had to be secured and of course everything had to comply with the building codes.  (Click on pic.)
I have attached a couple of photos and one is of myself and good neighbor running the post hole auger and the other is us guys finally with the sign well secured and looking good.
We had planned to have the local newspaper in attendance to recognize the new sign ; but the local Packet and Times newspaper has closed its doors so we lost our local window to the world.
Most people would have said to ‘H’ with the signs but we persevered and in my opinion the signs look good, at both entrances to the village of Coldwater
Shuffleboard is always popular in Coldwater.
Gary Pipher. 2017 11 28.


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13 Responses to Welcome to the Shuffleboard Capital of Ontario!!

  1. Glenna & David Earle says:

    Congratulations! Great job Gary and gang. Perseverance paid off!!! It looks great.


    • Gary pipher says:

      Thanks guys. There is never a dull moment when you are involved in Shuffleboard as you well know.


  2. What a wonderful story of determination and dedication to the sport of shuffleboard! Congratulations on seeing this project through to a successful end!

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  3. Maureen Bryan says:

    This is an amazing accomplishment, we from Centre Wellington Shuffleboard Club are Proud of your endeavours. Well done. Maureen Bryan, Pres.

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  4. Janice Archer says:

    Looks great ! Well Done,! ..


  5. Durelle says:

    Congratulations Gary. Shufflers all over Ontario owe you a lot. The knowledge you passed on to so many Clubs to help them get started was unsurpassable and I for one was very grateful. The sign looks great and if I ever need a post hole dug I know who to call.


  6. Gary Pipher says:

    Stan re-sent this story to me just yesterday and I thought it necessary to add an update:
    This is now May 26 2020 and because of this crazy virus that’s taking its toll all around the world , our club like all others are closed. As I drive into the village of Coldwater it’s hard to miss seeing the big blue welcome sign at the entrance to the village that reminds me of the many great tournaments that were held there and the large number of members at the Coldwater Club and just why the President of the Ontario Shuffleboard declared Coldwater to be the Shuffleboard Capital of Ontario. I hope some day to see it return to the glory days when this Covid 19 is behind us.


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