A Message From Dave Kudro, the FSA President. 2017 12 01

FSA President Dave Kudro Speaks:  In an effort to continue the promotion and publicity of Shuffleboard I am announcing a change to the December 4th, 2017 Roll of Champions ceremony.

Not only will the top 24, last year’s Mens/Womens Florida State Shufflers be awarded the Gold, Silver and Bronze pins, additional awards and accomplishments will be recognized.
Looking at when shufflers win prestigious tournaments and events such as the State Singles, Doubles, Tournament of Champions and the year end Masters Championship, all of their shuffleboard peers who have been eliminated, have gone home.
In order to give each shuffler the proper recognition they deserve for their 2016-2017 Shuffleboard season accomplishments, all plaques and trophies will be presented as well as the Roll of Champion pins.
These plaques will be on display during the tournament for all to see. Shufflers will be able to see the names of all the top shufflers of years past.
It is my hope that this will create new enthusiasm to all new and established shufflers. Seeing Men/Women Masters shufflers wearing their prestigious white jackets, and more recognition, will inspire shufflers to keep shuffling and maybe someday have their names too engraved into the history of Florida Shuffleboard.
I hope in the future we can look into a yearly awards ceremony similar to but not as formal as the yearly Hall of Fame banquet. I will make sure pictures will be taken and a write up will be provided for your wonderful informative blog.
“Let us do together what we cannot do alone”  I also intend to develop a similar awards presentation for the Amateurs.  I intend to work with the Amateurs in this regard.  Ideas/suggestions requested.     

Dave Kudro FSA President

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3 Responses to A Message From Dave Kudro, the FSA President. 2017 12 01

  1. al dronsfield says:

    Great job Dave, I look forward to playing with you Monday.. Al


  2. joan cook says:

    Nicely done Dave.

    See you soon


  3. Earl Ball says:

    It’s about time someone tried to put a little more class into recognizing our Champions. Most of the time when you win there is no one left. Last week Henry and I played for the Championship at Hawthorne and the Northern District stayed to root for their team of Frank Chrell(sp) and Dave Dean who won their 1st State Pro Championship and I thought that was great but rare. According to Paul Prescott only one in 100 players ever win a Championship and I know most of them are seen by very few; that’s just too bad.


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