Glenda Brake Speaks: After Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance, the Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Boogie was played and many shufflers joined in with line dancing. Eighty-seven shufflers turned out from near and far – ZSC, Winters, Betmar, Forest Lake, Hillside and other parks in Zephyrhills as well as SanLan Ranch, Lakeland, Winter Haven, and even Clearwater. There were about 30 shufflers just from Forest Lake alone. They all wanted to have fun at this great shuffleboard party in the best shuffleboard facility. We all played twelve 16 frame games for fun. Funds raised for the ZSC building fund amounted to about $1250.

ZSC members worked hard to obtain many gift certificate prizes from our generous local sponsors and the business community, whom shufflers like to support and reciprocate the good will. So win or lose a game, there were many many winners of prizes. For lunch, there was plenty of delicious free pizza, compliments of ZSC sponsor, Papa Johns, with the club providing refreshment drinks.

If you missed this one, there will be another party in December. Come out to play, enjoy the fun and the shuffleboard camaraderie. Some amateurs played in their first tournament ever and thought it was so much fun that they will be back! Amateurs and Pros played together with old friends and many made new friends.
Even the club’s pet roosters were fed and happily put out their best cock a doodle doos!

Everyone had a lot of fun and the ZSC Board of Directors thank all that participated.

Submitted by Glenda Brake.  (Forwarded to The Shuffler by Earl Ball)  2107 12 01

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