The Very Best of Friends.


One of the game’s best kitchen players of all-time, Harlan Brumwell, is calling it a career. Harlan has been playing the game for 30 years and I’m not sure he ever left Zephyrhills to play a tournament but everyone that came to Zephyrhills knew about Harlan. When Betmar hosted its first State Tournament Glen Peltier and Dick Whitaker, two of the games finest players EVER, came up against Harlan and Dick Goodie. Harlan started shooting blocks for the kitchen and all Dick could do was shake his head. Glen just held his hands up as if to say “whataya goinna do”. Glen wasn’t fairing much better and two new instant Pros were born! Harlan is 92 now and finds it difficult to play all day and yet every one of us hopes we don’t have to play him until the 3rd round of a tournament so we have a chance.
Harlan can be found on the courts six days a week at 6:30 in the morning, usually the 1st one there. It might surprise you that many players show up just for the chance to play Harlan or to play with Harlan. In years gone by Harlan and his child bride, Jean, could be seen on the Golf Course every day. Harlan married Jean when she was 16 and he was 22, that’s 60 years ago and they have been each other’s biggest fans for all those years. Unfortunately Jean’s health is failing and they are returning to Iowa with the support of their family.
I consider Harlan one of my best friends and supporters over all the 20 years I’ve been playing.
Earl Ball 12-1-2012

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2 Responses to HARLAN BRUMWELL-SHUFFLER SUPREME by Earl Ball. 2017 12 01

  1. Glenna & David Earle says:

    Thanks for giving us this news about the Brumwells, Earl. Am very sad to hear that Jean is not doing so well and also that we are not going to see Harlen around Betmar anymore. Both David and I always make a point of going to speak to him whenever we are there. Always hope I don’t have to play against him on the courts but he is a wonderful partner. So formidable!!! Good luck Mr & Mrs Brumwell.


  2. Virginia Chandler says:

    I will never forget this man or his lovely wife. They are a true example of true love !
    I drew Harlan in a district tournament, and he was a true gentleman to play with. I never had to play against him , thank the good lord. The best of luck in your future for you and Jean Harlan. Jim has related a few stories about playing with you and against you also.
    Jim & Ginny Chandler


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