Winter Haven hosts CD “Pro Draw” and All AM, Draw Doubles!!

NEMCOSKY & CAMIONE WIN THE “am” Event!! Sorry; no pic of Nemcosky:  Here is Mack Camaione’s Bio: MACK CAMAIONE WINS AGAIN

Earl Ball Speaks: Another major surprise!

Chuck Moulton, Zephyrhills Club, and Bob Conkle, Pioneer Creek, won the Central District Pro draw tournament today at Winter Haven. I probably shouldn’t say it that way but if you listen to Chuck Moulton you would think he was barely capable instead of one of the Districts finest players and a “Hall of Famer” which you don’t become unless you are superior at this game. Bob was due to break through. He has been playing outstanding shuffleboard this season and you could see it coming; he was going to win and I bet he continues to win. He’s just too good not to. They knocked off some great teams starting with the 1/4s when they beat Larry Metzgar, Betmar, and an often times District Masters player. Larry was teamed with Wayne Schick a fine player from Sebring. The Semis found them up against Gerry Blakely and Mike Seyfer, both of the Zephyrhills Club and tough as nails players. You’ve heard a lot about John Houghtaling, Zephyrhills, and Ruthie Brown, Sebring, lately and that’s the team they had to play in the finals and they whipped them too; not an easy route to the Championship. According to Chuck all the matches were hard fought but only the finals went three games.

I wasn’t at the tournament so all I know is that the Amateur Division was won by Bruce Nemcosky and Mack Camione both of Lakeland and both fine Amateurs.

The Central District had 56 teams this week. 32 Pro and 24 Amateur teams.

Earl Ball 12-1-2017.  When the results are posted on the CD Site, I will post. Stan

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