Florida Senior Games; Shuffleboard Results by TD Glenn Monroe.

Paul Allaire is 96. Takes GOLD!!

TD Glenn Monroe



Linda Armstrong

65-69 Gold Linda Armstrong 
Silver Debbie Trebotich
Bronze Patricia Milke
4th Mary Pusztai

Nancy Foley

Dorothy Healy

70-74 Gold Nancy Foley
Silver Dorothy Healy
Bronze Jonnie Proskine

Doris Hanke

4th Holly Denault
5th Shirley Banfield

75-79 Gold Suzanne Price

80-84 Gold Jane Moore
Silver Doris Hanke

85-89 Gold Leurene Hildenbrand

90-90 Gold Marjorie Madden


Michael Zellner

55-59 Gold Jacques Poitras

60-64 Gold Michael Zellner

Silver Roy Packard
Bronze Stanley Treadway

Henry Armstrong,

4th William Johnson

5th William Hillabrand
65-69 Gold Henry Armstrong
70-74 Gold Robert Brandt

Silver Craig Stein
Bronze Michial Schmitt

Art Healy

4th Joel Deitch
75-79 Gold Paul Proskine
Silver George Leisure
Bronze Art Healy
4th Charles Short
80-84 Gold Dave Dean

Rosaire Cote

Silver Pete Desjardins
Bronze Rosaire Cote
4th Jim Foley
5th James Tredway
85-89 Gold Myron Madden
95-99 Gold Paul Allaire  Pic at top.

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