Role of Champions; Lakeland Club, It All Begins 2017 12 04!!

Emotions run high, not only at this Dec. Role of Champions Event, but during the entire Shuffleboard Year!!  To demonstrate my point, I am going to give you access to the reaction of the Top Medalist, Male and Female, for the 2015-2016 Season.  (Incidentally, to clearly read the file, click once; click again if you wish.) Here are Henry’s remarks:  Remarks re placing 1st ROLL OF CHAMPIONS 2016

Equally emotional are the female competitors; I will now give you the remarks by 1st place finisher, Helen Biaggi: Helen Biaggi Speaks re Roll of Ch. 2016 Helen Biaggi Speaks re Roll of Ch. 2016  If you wish to see the 2017 11 29 Results, click:  2017 11 29 Role of Champions.

Regular Readers will know that President Kudro is launching a new format for the Monday Event. Dave said this: “Not only will the top 24, last year’s Mens/Womens Florida State Shufflers be awarded the Gold, Silver and Bronze pins, additional awards and accomplishments will be recognized.”  Go here to read his entire announcement:

The Shuffler will have pix and reports covering the Monday Events!!  For the Amateurs, the Juanita Harlow National Mixed Doubles at Avon Park; for the Pros, The Role of Champions at Lakeland Shuffleboard Club.   Stan McCormack. 2017 12 03.


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