The Florida Senior Games Continue: Doubles To-day; 2017 12 03.

Day One of the 2017 Florida Senior Games featured memorable performances by athletes in the 90+ age groups, record-setting times and scores.

Over 2,000 athletes are competing in the 26th Annual Florida Senior Games in Clearwater and Pinellas County, through December 10, and on day one, eight sports were in action.

At the Clearwater Lawn Bowls and Shuffleboard Complex, Henry and Linda Armstrong, of Woodslee, Ontario and Lakeland, continue to be the most prolific Florida Senior Games shuffleboard players in the history of the Games. They each won their ninth singles gold medal, dating back to 2005 for Henry and 2007 for Linda. This year’s gold came in the 65-69 age group for both.

Paul Allaire is 96.

The 2017 Games most experienced athlete, 96-year old Paul Allaire, of Clearwater, won a gold medal in the 95-99 age group. He is one of only five shuffleboard players to compete in the 90+ age groups in the 26 years of the Florida Senior Games. He will play doubles on Sunday with his partner Pete Desjardins, of Safety Harbor, at the  Shuffleboard, Clearwater Lawn Bowls and Shuffleboard Complex, 9:00 a.m.

We now give you the DOUBLES Gold Medal Winners, sent along by TD Glenn Monroe.  

75-79 GOLD; George Leisure and Jim Foley

60 to 64 GOLD, Roy Packard & Craig Stein

80 to 84 GOLD Paul Allaire & Pete Dejardins





65 to 69 GOLD Linda & Henry Armstrong

The Florida Senior Games are presented

70 to 74 GOLD; Dave Dean & Robert Brandt

annually by the Florida Sports Foundation, a division of Enterprise Florida, Inc., and held in conjunction with the City of Clearwater and St. Pete/Clearwater Sports & Events.

Pix sent along by TD Monroe.  Posted by Stan. 2017 12 03.

Here are the complete final DOUBLES Results: Gold Winner Pix Above.

60-64 Gold Roy Packard & Craig Stein
Silver James Tredway & Stanley Tredway
Bronze Marla Michilak & Dennis Michilak
4th Konnie McCarthy & Debbie Trebotich

65-69 Gold Henry Armstrong & Linda Armstrong
Silver Patricia Mielke & Holly Denault
Bronze Deb Denignan & Don Denignan

70-74 Gold Robert Brandt & David Dean
Silver Arthur Healy & Dorothy Healy
Bronze Michial Schmitt & Nancy Foley
4th Jonnie Proskine & Paul Proskine
5th Shirley Banfield & Suzanne Price

75-79 Gold George Leisure & Jim Foley

80-84 Gold Pete Desjardins & Paul Allaire
Silver Jane Moore & Doris Hanke
Bronze William Hill & Leurene Hilenbrand

Glenn Monroe


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