Betty and Linda AND their Orange Cues!!!

Betty and Linda, and ORANGE CUEs!!

The Cue Sticks I mean!

Yes, Betty and Linda are pretty too but the story is about the Cues! Glen Peltier got one for Betty last spring and Linda became envious!!
Linda wanted one too but couldn’t make up her mind if she wanted to spend the money?? Her husband Harley said he’d take her old black one and encouraged her to get the orange one but that was a lot of money. I took them both to Allen Shuffleboard to meet Jim and see how our equipment is made; they were thrilled but Linda couldn’t bring herself to part with the money. Well, last week Betty’s cue broke; I called Jim and told him what happened. No fuss no muss, Jim got her address and volunteered to send her a new one. Linda could no longer stand it, she asked for one too. She got her cue, Jim got the sale and Linda is thrilled, Betty is too!
We are lucky to have Jim, he’s great to work with and fair. We are lucky to have Glen to work with; he’s great to work with and fair.
Posted by a friend of both Mystery Men.   2017 12 06

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