More on the ROC > Significant Related Achievements!! 2017 12 06

Stan Speaks: First let me explain that I have employed more pages than I expected, I would have to when I began the article.  (My mistake.) This is page 5. To give adequate coverage to this significant event, I published full size pix in many cases. Having said that, I want to remind you , that should you wish to expand any pic, click once on the pic.  For example, without expanding the pix above, it is difficult to read the titles. Click, and you can remove your glasses!! lol 

Please remember that our FSA President has boldly introduced change in the interest of promoting SHUFFLEBOARD!!  Please leave your opinion, your suggestion, in the “Comment” section , below each of the 5 pages.   President Dave has said this in the articles: “Receiving so many positive comments about the recognition and award presentation I hope to take next year’s award ceremony to possibly another level. One thing for sure is to include all the AMATEURS with the pros in recognizing their achievements. I’m going to be looking at an awards event separate from doing it before a tournament. I will be working with the full board to see if there is interest in a yearly award and family picnic.”

Congratulations to everyone identified in this series of ROC Articles.

Stan McCormack.  2017 12 06.

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