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Picture of all the trophies and plaques that were presented and on display during the tournament.  

FSA President Dave Kudro Speaks: The Florida State Pro/Open Roll of Champions P10 tournament held in Lakeland Florida on December 4th and 5th 2017 was a great success. The weather was pleasant and there were 162 shufflers and over 20-30 visitors and spectators.

The new award presentation was a success and the display of trophies and plaques, when grouped together, was an impressive sight to all in attendance. Several shufflers, when not playing or having lunch, were observed looking at all the names of the winners. Smiles, deep thoughts and memories were rekindled by not only the names of last year’s champions, but years and years of past champions. Some of the past champions have passed but will never be forgotten as Shuffleboard is a family. Seeing some of the names gave me goose bumps just thinking that Ladies Champions Mae Hall, Joan Cook, Joan Wheeler, Ellen Davis, Jane O’Bird, Mary Aldridge as well as Men’s Champions Glen Peltier, Bill Folberth, Earl Ball, Mike Vassalotti and many other champions over the years, were awarded these same trophies and plaques in over a 100 years of Shuffleboard. What a history for all of us to be a part of.
The Gold, Silver and Bronze pins were presented by the FSA Executive Board with Bob Horvath and Bob Smith awarding the Men’s pins and Marti Noble awarding the Ladies Division. A special thank you to Colleen Austin for her pictures during the presentation and especially all the hard detailed work with adding the names and also adding pictures of those shufflers who couldn’t make it.
Receiving so many positive comments about the recognition and award presentation I hope to take next year’s award ceremony to possibly another level. One thing for sure is to include all the AMATEURS with the pros in recognizing their achievements. I’m going to be looking at an awards event separate from doing it before a tournament. I will be working with the full board to see if there is interest in a yearly award and family picnic. The FSA board would supply and cook the hamburgs and hot dogs and each District would bring different sides. For instance the Northern, Central and Southern District could provide salads, Southwest, Central East Central and West Coast homemade deserts. Open shuffling, games, music and possible themes could be added.
We must all think outside the box and if we all work together as a team and family, we can promote shuffleboard and bring in new members. “Let us do together what we can not do alone ”  Go here to read Dave’s original article on the modification of the ROC:

Dave Kudro FSA President

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