Allen Dronsfield Reports on Recent Tournaments held in ND.

Al Dronsfield Speaks: Well I slipped up last week and didn’t get the results in for our Nov. 30th and Dec. 1st.

ND tournament held at Orange City. Orange City is one of the older clubs still around. The clubhouse is reminiscent of the past with an elevate porch and wooden railing. On the porch are old white rocking chairs with cushions, a nice place to rock your time away awaiting your next match. The courts are 16 very slow courts, probably the slowest in our District; muscle and brawn are in order to play here. We hold this Any Dbls. tournament and later a Pro/Am Draw at this club. The Layton’s playing out of the Tavares club managed to maintain enough energy to compete and complete this ordeal to capture the first place spot.

The second set of results are from the Coronado Mainland Club in New Smyrna Beach, this club is unique being it sits right on Flagler Ave. about three blocks from the beach. They are celebrating their 80th anniversary, it is now been named a historical site so it will be here for awhile longer. The atmosphere is unique as the beach goers, bikers, etc. venture by, kind of like an old cruising blvd. of the past. The aroma of food is in the air. As the public goes by they frequently stop to watch the action on the courts. They boost a healthy membership as well. 20 smooth loose beaded courts with a variety of drifts and avenues.

Following are first the results from Orange City;
ND 11 Nov. 30th & Dec. 1st. 2017 26 Team Any Dbls. Directors – Richie & Carolyn Burrell

1st. Lorraine & Ivan Layton ————————- Tavares
2nd. John Giumarra & Arnie Fischbach ——— Deland
3rd. Dennis Buelk & Tom Rimmer —————- C/M
4th. Allen Dronsfield & Lew Kagan ————— Tavares/Leesburg

1st. Stan Williamson & Walt Bartels ————- Quail Hollow/Deland
2nd. Christine Giumarra & Jan Dally ———— Deland
3rd. Dave Martin & Jeff Geesey —————— Tavares/Leesburg
4th. Frank Cherill & Bob Robertson ————- Leesburg/Hawthorne

The results from ND 13 Dec. 7th & 8th. 9 Teams Am Dbls. Director Donna King
1st. Randy & Bonnie Radke ———————– C/M
2nd. Rodney Lewis & Scotty Scott ————– Deland/OC
3rd. Debbie Evens & Candy Kordeleski ——- C/M
4th. Tim Pergrem & Zack Wonson ————– C/M

1st. Allen Best & Richard Kordeleski ———– C/M
2nd. Barbara Rush & Donna Lewis ————- C/M
3rd. Louise Donnelly & Rose Sargent ———- Deland/C/M
4th. Ron Theriault & Dave Nitchie ————— MFL/HMP

The Results from ND 12 Dec. 7th. & 8th. 16 Pro Only Teams Director Donna King

1st. Allen Dronsfield & Stan Williamson ——- Tavares/Quail Hollow
2nd. Bill Boyes & Sid Pomanville —————- C/M
3rd. Darrel Harman & Rex Galusha ———— C/M
4th. Philip Wade & Dee Metz ——————– C/M/Deland

1st. Dennis Buelk & Tom Rimmer ————— C/M
2nd. Sharon Upson & Doris Hanke ————– Hawthorne
3rd. Walt Bartels & John Giumarra ————– Deland
4th. Gail Howell & Dave Dean ——————– Leesburg

Thank You Allen for the fine reporting!!  Stan McCormack.  2017 12 09

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