Amateurs Take Note!! One State; One National, and One District!!


We have 3 Great Opportunities for Amateurs to enjoy/compete in Shuffleboard Events in the immediate future!! WINTER HAVEN; LAKELAND; AND WOODBROOK.

Why do I describe them as Great?? Variety, proximity, celebratory status, prize money and enjoyment come to mind!!

With regard to Variety: The first tournament in Winter Haven on Dec. 11th is ANY DOUBLES; you take your partner, male or female, and in this event, a FL State Tournament, you will adhere to the FSA formal rules. You know, 8 discs for “practise”; and then 2 out of 3 75 point games. While this may seem to be arduous to some, the prize money is expected to be “good”!! Jim Helms and Dave Sanborn, pic at left, placed 1st in this event in 2016.

ABOUT ONE MONTH LATER, Jan 8th, THERE IS A NATIONAL TOURNAMENT at the Lakeland Club! I said earlier we would have variety!! During the NATIONAL; you will play 2 out of 3 12 Frame games. This event is SINGLES, Men’s and Women, NON-WALKING. Bob Pembroke and Robert Miller placed 1st in this event. See pic. 

THERE IS ONE MORE “OPPORTUNITY” FOR DISTRICT AMATEUR SHUFFLERS OF THE CENTRAL DISTRICT!! THE CENTRAL DISTRICT EVENT, CDA11, to be held in Woodbrook Estates beginning Thursday, Jan 11th!! THIS EVENT IS A “MUST DO” EVENT!! Heck; you get Free Lunch courtesy of the PARK; prize money is great > AND for this event, we follow a modified format, a format favoured by many Amateurs. Address of Woodbrook Estates is: 1510 Ariana St, Lakeland, FL 33803. NEW SHUFFLERS, i.e. those who have never participated in a tournament: THIS IS THE TOURNAMENT TO LAUNCH YOUR CAREER!! Just ask Art Healy or Merrill Arcand! You WILL NOT FEEL INTIMIDATED!! YOU WILL ENJOY!!

NOTE: I will post more articles right here WITH REGARD TO THESE 3 EVENTS!! Come back and look in the top right for this article and others!! GOOD SHUFFLING AND MERRY CHRISTMAS.
Stan McCormack encouraging Amateurs To Enjoy Shuffleboard!! 2017 12 09

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2 Responses to Amateurs Take Note!! One State; One National, and One District!!

  1. Merv and Audrey says:

    Hi Stan
    I believe Lakeland is hosting a Pro and All Amateur M/L singles on Dec. 14 & 15, if you want to add this to your list.


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