Message From the Ambassador of the Heartland Games!

Neil Simpson Speaks:  Congratulations to all of the Heartland Games athletes who competed in the Florida Senior Games in Clearwater last week.

Shuffleboard: Jacques Poitras 1st, Michael Zellner 1st, Randy Johnson

Bowling: Ron & Virgil Crandall
Swimming: Ted Riley 3 X 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th, Geraldine Fabb 2nd and 3rd
Golf: Kelly Cramer 1st, Wayne Colledge 1st, Max Gnagy 1st, Charlie Miller 1st, Bob Nebel 2nd, Jerry McClain 2nd, John Schwartz 4th, Rex Smolek 4th, Thomas Kessler 13th
Tennis: Bruce Wyse 2nd, Darlene & Ron Ochsenknect 3rd, Bruce Wyse & Bobby Fulcher consolation winners.
Cycling: 5 & 10k Doug McClellan 1st, Allen Hughes 3rd, Darryl Troy 4th
Pickleball: Gail Brown & Jim Maynard 1st
Track & Field: Brenda Scott 2nd & 5th, Roland Jones 1st, 2nd & 5th, Duncan Beck 3 X 2nd, 3 X 3rd

Cancelled – As many of you know, Heartland Bowl was destroyed in a fire during Hurricane Irma. The adjacent Sebring Kart Racing was undamaged. Therefore, it was expected that the Heartland Games Kart Racing would go ahead as planned on February 13. Unfortunately, repeated attempts to get a confirmation from the management at the track have gone unanswered. For that reason, Go Kart Racing has been cancelled for 2018.

If anyone has already submitted a registration form with payment for go kart racing, the money will be refunded unless they wish to substitute another event. In that case please send a return e-mail indicating a substitute event.

Golf – The state games have moved the 65-69 year old men ahead to the forward tees. With this in mind, men will be playing white 50-64 @ 5,971 yards, gold 65-79 @ 5,560 yards, green 80+ @ 5,123 yards. Ladies will play pink @ 4,518 yards. The registration form asks for a handicap. This will not be used for scoring, simply to help create foursomes which will prove challenging for the strongest golfers and enjoyable for the others.

Swimming – Maximum of six events.

Registration – For those who have not yet registered for the Games, a revised form, with space for a phone number, is attached. Just a reminder that registration forms must be submitted at least two weeks prior to your first event. The earlier they are turned in, the easier it is for staff to process them. If you can’t print the attached form, hard copies are available at the Chamber of Commerce offices in Avon Park, Sebring, Lake Placid, Arcadia and Wauchula as well as at the SFSC campuses in Avon Park, Lake Placid, Arcadia and Bowling Green and most area golf courses.

2018 Shirts –  attached is a sample of the 2018 Heartland Games shirt in bright green.  2018 Shirts   2018 Final Registration Form


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