John Brown’s Weekly News Article. 2017 12 12


Buzz Downing, 88, died in Michigan on December 8th. Buzz served the Southwest Coast District as a Referee for many years, especially when Betty was the Tournament Director. The Downings had wintered in Bradenton since 1969. Both are in the Southwest Coast District Hall of Fame.
Buzz had suffered a serious stroke 4 ½ years ago, shortly after leaving their home in Golf Lakes. His memory was seriously impaired by the stroke. Until then he had helped on the farm where he had raised white soup beans, soybeans, corn, sugar beets, and wheat. Until his death, he always asked about his crops.
Mrs. Downing is functioning quite well as of now, and remembers us all. Their history in our District is enshrined in all our memories.
FL P-10 at Lakeland, Dec. 4, M/L Doubles. Men Main: 3. Dave Kudro and partner, 4. Ralph Lozano-Jerry Stannard. Ladies Main: 1. Flo Kowalewski and partner.
SWCD D-8 at Palmetto, Dec. 6, M/L, Restricted Draw Doubles. Men Main: 1. Peter Berg-Ralph Lozano, 2. Faren VanDeGrift-Lowell Williams, 3. Jim Miller-Phil Krick, 4. Elmer Heisler-Gilbert Broadhead. Consolation: 1. John L. Brown-Larry Taylor, 2. Steve Slaughterbeck-Darrel Blake, 3. Jim Bailey-Clarence Gingerich, 4. David Welsh-Dennis Spangler. Ladies Main: 1. Heather Godson-Cheryl Putnam, 2. Adriana Cramton-Cindy Slaughterbeck, 3. Linda Wallingford_Lois Wegner, 4. Pam Nurnberger-Jill DeBruyne. Consolation: 1. Nancy Sclafani-Evelyn White, 2. Carol Maxwell-Charlotte Broda, 3. Erika Berg-Dian Darrah, 4. Pat Tomko-Siggy Gudzus.
SWCD A-6 at Palmetto, Dec. 7, Draw Doubles, Any Ams. Main: 1. Tony Souza-David Evenson, 2, Frank Marderosian-Charles Stannard 3 Pat Antaya-Marilyn Rotman, 4. Peter Aylen-Mike Collins. Consolation: 1. Edward Nawrocki-Elaine Antaya, 2. Don Trottier-Harriet Piccard, 3. Tom Gorseline-Joe Goodwin, 4. James Halstead-Norman Nyenhuis.
Today is the second day of FL P-11A at Ft. Pierce ad FL P-11B at Betmar. Also today is the second day of FL A-8A at Palmetto and FL A-8B at Winter Haven, 75 points.
Thursday, Dec/ 14, SWCD D-10 at Golf Lakes, M/L Draw Doubles, Restricted to State Ams and Pros. 16 Frames/75 pts. Also, Friday Dec. 15 at Golf Lakes, SWCD A-7, Draw Any Ams/Any Doubles, 16 Frames/75 points. No points for State Ams.
Next Monday, Dec. 18, FL P-12A at Lee County, FL P-12B at Clearwater, M/L Open Doubles, 75 pts. Also Monday, Dec. 18 at Clearwater, FL A-9, Any Ams/Any Doubles. 75 points.
. Remember Golf Lakes Single Mingles (draw a new court and new partner each game), Friday, Dec. 22, arrive at 8:30. Draw at 9 a.m.
. Also “Jingle Mingles” at Bradenton, Friday, Dec. 29. Registration8-9 a.m. $5 registration. Bring lunch; dessert furnished (cake). 6 Frame games of 16 frames. No charting of courts this day. Open to all. Non-sanctioned, no points.
Happy Shuffling.

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