P11A ; What Happened at Fort Pierce??? OLD GUYS RULED!!

Yes; you’ve heard part of this story before!
It is rumored that Dave Minnich and Phil Rebholz won the Ft Pierce State Championship, P11A; 2017 12 12.
Ten years ago, that wouldn’t have been big news but when you realize they were both born shortly after the Great Depression it takes on a whole new aura!
If they can win at their advanced age, maybe if I can live long enough, I’ll be able to challenge Glen’s record.
Oh, by the way, those of you in Bradenton probably shouldn’t mention this to Dave; he’s sensitive.
Earl 12-12-2017 >> Stan speaks: Readers will know that Earl enjoys writing, and does it WELL!!  See his title: OLD GUYS RULE, #2.  Not certain he was alluding to this article OLD GUYS WIN > but I thought I would publish. OLD GUYS WIN and reaching back to 2004, YES, he was writing about the Old Guys in 2004: check it out: Avon+State+Shuffleboard+Championship  

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1 Response to P11A ; What Happened at Fort Pierce??? OLD GUYS RULED!!

  1. Gus Bondi says:

    We had Dave and Phil beat in the first match at F.P. and I blew it because I was hurting so bad
    We started the second match and I told Stan W. That I was quitting and we forfeited the match and went home
    My right hip was VERY SORE……yesterday I got a cortisone shot and it is feeling much better already…..I should have gotten the shot before the match!!!!!
    I think I need two hips after the cancer treatments

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