The Shuffleboard Green Jacket Is Presented to Joan Cook by Earl Ball

I have a hunch that a Male FL Shuffler will soon be presented with his Green Jacket!!!!

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 The crowd listened patiently as MC Presenter Earl Ball set the stage for the GRAND MOMENT; the moment all of us had been anxiously awaiting.   Joan had worked for  22 years to amass what no other modern day female shuffler had accomplished, 1,000 FSA points as a Florida Shuffler!!  As the jacket went on, the audience responded with applause.  Earlier every person wishing to offer congratulatory remarks, AND THERE WERE MANY, did so. 

The location; Betmar Shuffleboard Club in Zephyrhills, FL; 175 supporters/admirers of Joan Cook had come together to pay tribute to Joan’s most significant accomplishment!!  Not  surprisingly Joan was emotional; not surprisingly Earl did an outstanding job of standing in for her!

IMG_4937 (2)

The picture above is of Joan and every person present with whom she had partnered.  (Click on it once!)

From left to right: Roxanne Duguay; Linda Marshman; Ellen Davis; Dianna Morrison; Arlene Guerrini; Joan Cook; Judy Bladorn; Rita…

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