Views by our FSA President Dave Kudro. Posted 2017 12 13.

Dave Kudro, our FSA President has certainly having an impact on the digital media.  He has made the PROMOTION OF SHUFFLEBOARD a priority!!

Item 5 in the Minutes of the Oct, 2017 State Meeting reads: “5. PUBLICITY & MARKETING: Dave stated that because we do not have anyone volunteering, he is appointing all district presidents and delegates to serve as this committee. He will be asking for reports as to what is being done in each district to promote the sport. He stressed that social media can be used in promoting shuffleboard. 

At P11B in Betmar, the local media showed up, took several pix, and interviewed Dave!!  In addition, I have had Reporter Brady Erickson of the Lakeland Ledger, seeking information with regard to the Roll of Champions!!

I now give you one small, but significant, part of Dave’s response to the questions asked by the Reporter at the Betmar Event: “With the resurgence of Shuffleboard with Millennials, Generation X, baby boomers, and working class the St. Pete Shuffleboard Club is the Worlds largest shuffleboard club. This club has over  1,000 members. The FSA West Coast District and the Clearwater Shuffleboard Club held the first ever Saturday Tournament. This historical event was held to reach out to new shufflers who are still working. This group is now branching out with new indoor upscale shuffleboard, sports lounges, food truck and food vendors, and other theme venues. Clubs have been started in Brooklyn, NY. Cleveland and Port Clinton Ohio, New clubs opening soon in Chicago, IL., Richmond Va. and Tampa Fl. “

Dave travelled to the above noted Clearwater event, no doubt to demonstrate support for the event, especially to the many member who came from the St Petersburg Club!!  There was significant interaction on Face Book of this event!!! Positive interaction, I would add.

Stan McCormack.  2017 12 13.



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2 Responses to Views by our FSA President Dave Kudro. Posted 2017 12 13.

  1. Mike Eak says:

    Let it be known the St. Pete Club has a Can-AM tournament every Spring Held on a SATURDAY. On to to everyone nation wide. Last year couple came from as far away as N.C.
    So Clearwater claiming to have the first ever Saturday Tournament in the West Coast District is not true.

    Just my opinion


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