Discussion; Why Not Take Part? It is YOUR GAME!! “Let us do together what we cannot do alone ” Dave Kudro

Steve Biaggi: “For the past five to ten years we have been experiencing a fall off of players. Maybe it is because people would rather play pickle ball, bocce, lawn bowling or whatever. When mentioning shuffleboard I sometimes hear” TOO MUCH WAITING, FRAME GAMES ARE BETTER, WE WANT DRAW TOURNAMENTS OR MINGLE SINGLES TOURNAMENTS, WE SHOULD HAVE THIS KIND OR THAT KIND OF TOURNAMENT.” etc. etc. Do the players who want to make these changes have our competitive spirit? In trying to accommodate these players are we SHOOTING OURSELVES IN THE FOOT.”  https://theshuffler.net/2017/12/13/opinion-by-steve-biaggi-share-your-opinion-2017-12-13/

Glen Peltier speaking in 2005: “I think right now with the split tournaments, our participation is as high, or very close to as high as what it has been in the past two or three years, and I see nothing but good for shuffleboard. I believe that is one of the reasons people come from other states ~~ because they know that we have a Pro Circuit here, and they know it is the best in the world and I like to think of Florida Shuffleboard as the best in the world. I believe we must keep the Pro Circuit THE SHOWCASE OF SHUFFLEBOARD. The Pro Circuit should be the showcase, we can do whatever we want with the Districts, we can do what we wish in the Parks~~we can turn it into some other kind of kitty game~~if they want~~BUT AT LEAST THE PRO CIRCUIT SHOULD REMAIN THE PROFESSIONAL PRO CIRCUIT!!”  Glen said this on Jan 03rd, 2005, in an interview with The Shuffler.

Pat Batdorff said this reacting to Steve’s article: “Right on. How about split tournaments. When I retired and came back to the game I loved I wondered what in the world split tournaments were. I was told they were to bring out new players. Well that didn’t happen and now we have tournaments where you just show up and receive points. We used to claw for points!”

Earl Ball, also reacting to Steve’s article, said this: I agree with Steve and Pat, at least to a point. I believe accomplished players want to test themselves in the 75 point game which requires knowledge, endurance and desire. In Zephyrhills we all learn and play 75 point games every day and we have excellent players at every level. If you don’t learn the 75 point game you will probably never be as good as you could be.
As far as Pat’s comment about split tournaments, I was there in the early 2000’s when the oil crises caused our players to stop traveling to tournaments. We decided that if players wouldn’t travel to tournaments, we would take the tournaments to them. That worked good at that time but as our tournament players have diminished it looks like the wrong decision was made. It’s true and not new that the equity in points earned needs to be revisited to bring equity to points earned in tournaments with less than 16 teams where points can be earned without winning a match. Split tournaments are very old. St Pete used to host Singles, Mixed Doubles and Any Doubles at the same time.” 

FSA President Dave Kudro speaks: “I have always made it crystal clear that during my Presidency, the 75 point 2 out of 3 match in State Pro Tournaments, will continue to be the base of what shuffleboard was founded on.
I am focusing on doing whatever we can at the District level, to introduce shuffleboard to potential new players. The District is a farm system to future shufflers who want to turn pro and possibly in the future, compete at it’s highest level of competition and test their skills playing the 75 point games.
Recognizing that not everyone wants to be that competitive, we provided autonomy to all Districts. We asked them to use their individual demographics, and other competing sports activities, to try a variety of Shuffleboard that will not only keep members shuffling, but entice new individuals to participate and become a new member of our shuffleboard family.
In a democracy, differences will always be there as not everyone agrees on everything. We just have to embrace those differences and the diversity of shufflers needs and do what ever we can that will keep them coming back to shuffle. A look at the success of the St. Pete club, that was down to 20-30 members, and now over 1,000 members didn’t get those 1,000 plus members using the 75 point game format. St. Pete, looked at their potential base and adjusted shuffleboard to the needs of its demographics. You can’t argue success. Now a few of St. Pete Shufflers are starting to fine tune their game and want to test their abilities in a competitive environment. One just has to look at the attendance to the seminar on strategies given by all time highest pro point Hall of Fame shuffler Glenn Peltier. It truly was a success and well attended.
Why not embrace true and proven promotional and publication ideas the St.Pete Shuffleboard Club has used. One can take some of their accomplishments and use what fits your District’s demographic base.
I believe in my ability and dedication, that I as FSA President, can make a difference in shuffleboard. It may be ever so small, but it will always be for the greater good.  

Dave Kudro FSA President:

Doug Schmitt Added this: What are the possible pro and cons of playing tournaments on the weekends instead of during the work week? it would certainly remove some of the stress and time associated with travelling to the tournaments. would also make it easier for non retired younger players. some of those special tournaments on Saturdays seem to be getting really good turnouts.  (Sorry, no pic of Doug) Stan Speaks:  The Clearwater District Tournament was an example of a Sat. Tournament; 2017 12 09, AR11, Open Doubles, 82 Players.  The proximity of St Petersburg no doubt helped vis-à-vis the numbers.

Stan McCormack Speaks: Given that indeed we have a democracy, should NOT the elected FSA Board take actions, i.e. devote the majority of their time, their efforts, serving the needs of the majority of Shufflers.  Should Districts begin electing their Presidents, and State Reps. on the basis of their creative and organizational skills, their desire to promote shuffleboard to the masses, and not on their desire and ability to earn points?  (Think of the example of St Petersburg!! and other Clubs identified by President Kudro. )  I know this sounds a little harsh, but I can assure you, it is not intended to be so.  “Think” is the operative word.”  I fully appreciate that the two attributes, organizational skills, and winning on the courts, are some times in sync.

And by the way, if Board Members have any time left over, they could determine the reason for the decline as identified by Steve in the first article. (at top).  I personally believe that would be a Worthy Project. I personally believe the Monday Tuesday League Should Continue!!  It is my opinion the competitors are among the Best Shufflers In The World!!

In closing: I believe that President Kudro is ON THE RIGHT TRACK!! I am in awe of his remarks to date as our President.  I encourage each reader to  scroll up to his remarks, and re-read them. 

As Dave has said: “Let us do together what we cannot do alone “

Posted by Stan McCormack. 2017 12 15.


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2 Responses to Discussion; Why Not Take Part? It is YOUR GAME!! “Let us do together what we cannot do alone ” Dave Kudro

  1. Dave Kudro says:

    Stan GREAT ARTICLE  Your article was fantastic in offering differing views. I hope these opinions will get people talking and stimulate discussion. Your words were not too harsh as your love for shuffleboard came through loud and clear. When I worked in Management one top manager put dedication to your work in a very direct way for all to clearly understand. He always said  “Lead, Follow or Get Out Of The Way”. I couldn’t help but think of this saying when reading your remarks in the Article.I am hoping this will get people not only talking, but doing their part in promoting shuffleboard and bring in new members. We must not, as they say… ” just Talk the Talk, but, Walk the Walk.” Thanks again Stan  Dave  Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


  2. Henry Strong says:

    I believe something needs to be done to bring a more positive light on shuffleboard, when you have a tournament when the first place team in the main event only gets their entry fee or a division that is allowed to play where everyone recieves points it definitely give shuffleboard a black eye.
    The board needs to enforce the policy of 300.00 dollars per tournament and any venue that for two tournaments in a row with less than 16 teams that host would have the choice of making it a mixed doubles or forfeit the tournament.
    I have been asked by people if there is money in shuffleboard and I am ashamed to reply, I tell them we don’t do it for the money, we play for love of the game, competitiveness and friendships


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