The Piphers, Gary and Barb, Share Their Christmas Story. 2017

Gary and Barb Pipher Speak:  I know its an old cliché when we say Christmas is that time of year when we tend to reflect on the year gone by and share good memories with friends and neighbors.

But its so true , and there is nothing better than Shuffleboard to create those lasting memories and bring people together .
It has been a big adjustment for my wife Barb and I , after spending 6 months of each year in Florida. We sold our home in Lakeland after 17 years in Woodbrook Estates as well as our home in Coldwater after 40 plus years and we have relocated to Wasaga Beach.
We have had to learn all over again what its like to live in the snow belt of Ontario and cope with winter once again , but we are enjoying it.
We have so many great memories of our winters in Florida, and many of those memories of course revolve around the game of Shuffleboard and the friends we met as a result.
We are still involved with Shuffleboard in Coldwater and go there once a week providing the weather is favorable and the roads are clear of snow.
Many of the Coldwater members head off to Florida for the winter months and it makes a person rather envious of them.
We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year , and hope to see you again somewhere , sometime on the shuffleboard courts. 

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1 Response to The Piphers, Gary and Barb, Share Their Christmas Story. 2017

  1. We’re in much the same situation. We sold our unit in Woodbrook Estates in March due to my illness so are now making the adjustment to below zero temps and slippery streets. But we too enjoy the weekly shuffling at the Legion as well as activities at our 2churches Hopefully we will get to the sunny south for a week or two to break up the winter.


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