Zephyrhills Celebrates Christmas in 2017. Plus Bob Perkins Award.

Each year the Bob Perkins award is presented to a worthy member of the club who has shown outstanding support and work around the club. This year’s recipient in Bill Badgeley, shown in the pic receiving his award from Mr Bob himself.



Hi Stan! Glenna Earle Speaks:  We had a lovely party at ZSC tonight with about 75 in attendance.

Henry Strong, our President, was not there as he is back in ON with his good wife who is awaiting surgery.  (Henry “expects” to return mid February)
Buddy & JOanne Allen took over the duties of organizing and MC-ing the gathering which they did with class, as always. Everyone brought goodies for the table and we were all sufficiently stuffed before leaving.
Buddy asked Bob Perkins, founder of ZSC to speak in regards to the book he has written about the history of shuffleboard in Zephyrhills. He had brought along a number of copies and many of them went out the door with the members. It is a splendid piece of work which Bob spent a great deal of time researching.
Then Buddy called Linda Marshman and I up to honour us for being inductees for the HOF in Jan. Also Earl Ball was honoured for achieving his 1000 pt plateau. Buddy asked each of us to say a few words about our accomplishments which we did.
We sang about 6 Christmas favourites with Joanne leading the singing with the help of 2 of her grand daughters, Sam & I forget the other gal’s name. David and I did the accompanying. Will send along a pic of the girls. Always a pleasure to see some young faces, or should I say younger than we are used to seeing! Did not get a pic of the band since we were both busy playing.
It was a very pleasant evening weather-wise with about 65oF. We were fortunate since this week has been fairly cool.
It was a fun way to say Merry Christmas to all our shuffling friends.
Submitted by Glenna Earle.  2017 12 16. Many many Thanks Glenna. Stan

  Click on any pic to expand. 

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