Jim Barnes Tells Us About the Very First Zephyrhills Christmas!!

Each year the Bob Perkins award is presented to a worthy member of the club who has shown outstanding support and work around the club. Pic taken 2017. 

Glenna Earle in her traditional “Bonne Form”, this very morning, (2012 12 17) gave us a fine report on the 2017 Zephyrhills Christmas Event.  It was Christmas music; it was good fun, and presentation of Bob Perkins Award. (Click if you missed it:   https://theshuffler.net/2017/12/16/31155/  )  Glenna motivated me to think back 10 years; YES, 10 years, and I came up with this FINE REPORT BY JIM BARNES, written in 2007.


Jim Barnes Speaks: This past weekend, (Dec 08th, 2007) Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club held its first FUNDAY for members and their guests. It was an overwhelming success when about 100 shufflers showed up for the fun, food and games. The day started with a few words from ZSC president David Earl, and the presentation of the FIRST annual Bob Perkins award. This award is given to that person who gave his all to the club, and this year the award went to Harold (aka Kitchen Harold)!! Harold is the maintenance supervisor at the club; he puts in endless hours to keep the club in tip top shape.
Following the presentation of the award, everyone was treated to a 1 hour seminar on the basics of Shuffleboard by Glen Peltier; you always learn something new when you listen and watch Glen. It was lunch time now, and everyone was treated to a barbecue, plenty of food for everyone.
Now comes the opportunity to work off all that food; THE GAMES BEGIN!! After about 2 hours of games, the day was winding down (I never knew how hard it was to play with your left hand when your a “righty”; or try shooting a disc when your sitting down. Gift certificates were given to the top 10 scores in both Pros and Amateurs. I’m sure the board members are already planning the next FUNDAY. Photos taken during this event may be viewed by accessing our Photo Album from our Home Page.
Jim Barnes December 2007.

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1 Response to Jim Barnes Tells Us About the Very First Zephyrhills Christmas!!

  1. Glenna & David Earle says:

    How very appropriate to have you bring back this article by Jim Barnes. Thanks Stan.
    We lost our dear friend and committed ZSC member this year when Uncle Harold Eshelman passed. He is and always will be missed. David made mention of the 2 Harolds who passed this year, Harold Workman being the other, a fabulous shuffler and a guy everyone adored.

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