And You Thought Shuffling Was A “Breeze”??? See What Stan Bober Has To Say!!!

AVOVE IS A SPECIAL PICTURE FOR STAN MCCORMACK’S BLOG PICTURING EARL BALL WITH A DIFFERENT STATE TOURNAMENT PARTNER (David Earle)THAN HENRY STRONG!!!! Clearwater’s finest, Steve Raimondi and Tom Feeley bested David & Earl but it took 3 hard fought games to do it! A real crowd pleaser!!

Regular readers will guess, but just in case; for the last two days, Stan Bober has been participating in State Tournament P12B in his hometown of Clearwater, FL. Here are his opening remarks for his Web Page: ” Stan, I probably have some mistakes in my webpage but I’m too tired to give a darn! It was two long days in 80 degree heat and it was exhausting, at least for me. I won my first match and wouldn’t you know it, I had Glen Peltier next???  He beat me once again (I’m 0 – 2 against Glen) but Glen is such a nice guy and fun to play, so be it. I may have wrecked by planned schedule though of making the Hall of Fame come 2073!”  lol 

Go here to read/see the rest of the RESULTS for P 12B:  AND in addition to lots of Good PIX, check out the cartoons!!

Posted by Stan McCormack. 2017 12 19

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