Great Pix of Those Who Attended The Presentation of the Green Jacket to Shuffler Earl Ball.

Stan McCormack Speaks: I was unable to attend the Presentation of the Green Jacket to Earl, HOWEVER; I am able to express my Congratulations to Mr Ball!!  I so admire his achievement that I am asking Earl to wear his Green Jacket to the FSA Banquet on Jan 15th, 2018 and I will have my picture taken with him.

There is an immense amount of preparation, (read work) required for Shuffleboard Events such as this.  Many shufflers contribute, but one shuffler constantly makes an  OUTSTANDING contribution!!  That shuffler is Colleen Austin.  I am now going to insert pix of the centrepieces; the plaques,  the cake, the cookies, and especially the Bobbleheads created by this MOST CREATIVE MAGNIFICIENT WOMAN!!  Click once on each pic to expand, pause, and click once more. You will be OH SO GLAD you did.  As you will see, Colleen did Bobbleheads for Glen and Joan, in addition to the many for Earl.  Colleen also took the pix.  Joan Cook paid for the Cake and Cookies. 

Go here to view a Slide Show of the CELEBRATION:

Speaking of the FSA Banquet, to be held in Sebring on Jan 15th, the following  Shufflers will be inducted into the FSA Hall of Fame.   Nancy Sclafani, Dave Kudro, Linda Marshman, Tara Goldman, Glenna Earle, and receiving the Presidents Award, Landy Adkins.

Ruthie Brown will go down in history for her role in partnering with Earl in the GAME in which Earl, and Ruth,  earned his 1,000th POINT!!   By the way, Ruth is not always that serious; it just hit her what they had collectively achieved!!!  Way to go TEAM!!

Article by Stan McCormack.  2017 12 19.  Joan Cook adds:  “Hi Stan – Just wanted to make a correction. I did not pay for the cookies and cake. Betmar shuffle club did. I only decorated the cookies and the cake with the help of Walt Shine.” 


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