Mike Vassolotti Makes a Surprise Appearance in Clearwater, FL

Earl Ball Speaks: Mike Vassolotti stopped by the Courts to-day and sat behind me to watch.  Of course, everyone knows I feel Mike is the best player I’ve ever known!! 

Unfortunately I wasn’t playing well and that probably hastened his departure after one game. I had a chance to talk with him briefly and he says he’s doing fine, and seems to be doing fine. After everyone noticed me talking to him, many came over to say hello and Mike enjoyed talking with them.

I know it was a treat for David (Earle) to spend a few minutes with him. David spoke of Mike while M.C.ing the 1000 point Celebration. Mike is playing some golf and, of course he’s “ball room” dancing. Thought some of the readers might be interested.

Stan Speaks :Earl speaks highly of Mike, and rightly so.  In 2005 I interviewed Mike.  In those days I carried a recorder, and accordingly this file to follow is exactly what each of us had to say:  Click: Mike Vassalotti Interview. 05 01 04

Earl Speaks: Also thought I’d mention that Heather Morgan won her 1st State Championship while playing with Nancy Myklejord. Nancy is having a fantastic year. It may not seem like much to win a State Championship but keep in mind that Paul Prescott says only one in one hundred shufflers ever win even one State Championship and my experience bears him out.  Hall of Famer and fellow Canadian Glenna Earle had this to say about Heather: “Heather Morgan- Never under estimate this dynamic gal! She never gives up and is relentless in her ability to drop you in the kitchen every chance she gets. She has 15 points also. Meeting her on the court is not going to be any “cake walk”! Would prefer to have her as a partner, not an opponent.”  

Thanks Earl for your remarks and observations!!  Thanks for taking us back to Mike Vassolotti!!! Thanks Stan for bringing Mike out of your Archives; Thanks Glenna for your remarks in the lead up to the CD Masters.  Posted by Stan McCormack. 2017 12 19.

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1 Response to Mike Vassolotti Makes a Surprise Appearance in Clearwater, FL

  1. Moe & Teresa Vermeulen says:

    I think it is Heather’s second win in a State Tournament. I think she won with Marlene Corbeil?


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